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  1. I choose Dr.Caymaz 6 months ago. He 5500 hair graft implanted. I am really happy for result. I already created post too but i want to share my result you can check. I wrote which days for file names. You can check day by day. I'm offering all of my friends to go Dr.Erkam. Thanks!
  2. Dr. Erkam CAYMAZ\Istanbul\Sapphire FUE\5500 GraftsI am very glad that I had a chance to have a hair transplant made by Dr. Erkam CAYMAZ / Hair Istanbul and his great team. I liked everything.Dr. Caymaz addressed all my expectations and even exceeded them. His assistants were great.High quality services with high quality results. He opened my hair channel with own hand. He is doing maximum 2 operation per day. That's amazing!I highly recommend Dr. CaymazIf you choose to Dr.Caymaz like me you can see.
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