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  1. First i would like to say that i have no bad intension with posting this article. I would just like to show my experience & result of my hair transplant. I hope i can help those who are still deciding whether to go through this procedure, which clinic/doctor to choose,… Little bit about myself: 30y old, male, coming from EU. Dealing with hairloss for about 3 years now – on BIG 3. Healthy lifestyle.Right now i am 10 months after FUE – result haven't changed since i was at 7 months's mark so i think this is final result. As NW3 i wanted to restore temples and hairline. About HAIRMEDICO - Istanbul: Reasons I decided to choose this ''clinic'': - Doctor's 14 years experience (highly doubt this info which i found on their web page is realistic), - They promise that doctor does all/most of the work (there were 2 techicians that did most of the work; one of them was a total beginner. Didn't even know how to wash my hair after procedure.), - HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER ( well at least they advertise it like that. In reality they just rent a room in some center where all other plastic surgeries are done), - They estimated transplantation of around 2000-2500 grafts for reasonable price (they actually only transplanted around 800-1000 grafts), - Higher class acomodation (when i already booked a flight they send me a message that this hotel is already ful. Then i got a cheap room in an old hotel). I'd like to apologise because my photos are pretty bad but still i think they're good enough to see the result of the procedure. I have to say i am very disappointed with that result and specialy with the service of this ''clinic''. Maybe a month ago i contacted them and sent photos but the contact person just said that she will inform doctor about it. I didn't get any reply from her. I think it's pretty sad how some people treat their customers. It took me a lot of time to arange everything, i had to take 3 weeks off, spend a lot of money and time and now i can't get rid of this feeling of being totaly scamed/ripped off. Sadly i will have to give more money and ever worse – time to repair the damage this clinic has done to me. Personaly i would not recommend this clinic/dr. to anyone. But once again i would like to emphasize that this is just my experience. And maybe my fault of choosing the ''wrong'' clinic. If anyone has any question please fell free to ask. PHOTOS: Photo collage is before HT. All other photos are cca. 9-10 months after FUE procedure.