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  1. A slight improvement of temple points was in the plan that he drew up for me, so he doesn't seem opposed to doing them (however, being from the US, had to cancel my surgery in both March and July.) There's one example on his Instagram specifically showcasing the temple point work, and it's beautiful for a very non-straightforward looking case. Also, Lorenzo is regarded as a go-to doctor for temple points, so that's a decent sign as well. Rolandas, given that he wants to devote two days to your second surgery bc of potential popping issues, I wouldn't be shocked if you had some extra time
  2. Yeah, I saw in your video that it's now a marked difference between the thicker frontal third hairs and the more sparse mid-scalp/vertex hairs. I think once you're able to use clippers on the frontal third, it won't be as bad, at least to the eye. I really liked the strategy to break it up as opposed to doing multiple passes and spreading it out over the entire head, as you do get that chance to go over the frontal third again, and you've already had great success with the meds on the vertex (where hair fibers will also help a great deal as well.) On another note, was watching some of Jo
  3. Yeah, "devastated" is too strong a word in regards to a hair transplant given the terrible pain this virus is inflicting on the world. "Bummed" is more accurate. I know all along you've been considering doing a second surgery for the crown. The nice part is you can also do a small second pass on the frontal third at the same if the density isn't 100% where you want it to be. That said, I think the next few months are gonna be super exciting for you and the results are gonna be great. And yeah, I vote "yes" for the Toppik if you want a bit of a sneak peek.
  4. I heeded your warning and didn't skip and I finally subscribed (sorry it took so long.) I think it looks great at 4 months and can't wait to see what it looks like a few months from now. Still loving the hairline design. With your donor, I'm pretty sure you could have movie star hair if you did enough surgeries. I'm still scheduled for middle of July. Gonna be pretty devastated if I can't get into Portugal (which, as an American, is a very real possibility) after already rescheduling my March surgery. Not sure when work will allow it once we likely reopen in the fall. Thanks for letting me liv
  5. Thanks for the update! Looking good! I was worried you got covid when you didn't post videos for a few weeks. Turns out you were just mastering your special effects haha.
  6. As for the question the thread title is asking....I was scheduled for a transplant in March that was postponed until the summer. If the lockdown lasts for months, people are gonna be starved to jump back into a social life, and the thought of following up a quarantine with holing up for months during the ugly duckling phase is kind of depressing (I know you don't have to lay low after a transplant, but it's always been ideal.) Not to mention the transplant costs and priorities changing in general. So I'm thinking demand may decrease a good amount even when these clinics open up for surgery onc
  7. Honestly, for being "practically bald" in the frontal third (Dr. Ferreira's words on his assessment, not mine, haha) it seems like a fair number of grafts didn't shed. You're gonna look so good in a few months. You can tell everyone "This coronavirus is crazy, man. It grew my hair back"
  8. Hi Melvin, I had a procedure scheduled for next week with Dr. Ferreira. I was told a couple weeks ago that, although everything was fine at his clinic, surgeries would be postponed as a precaution. I rescheduled for the summer. He seems like like a stand-up dude.
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