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  1. I am 32 year old, currently a NW3. I originally planned on having a HT w/Dr. Diep. He estimated that I would need around 1500-2000 grafts, FUE, to restore my hairline and I booked a date and made the non-refundable deposit. However, recent posts on the forum made me concerned about his approach to one sided donor area extraction, over harvesting, and what appears to be increased trauma to the donor area relative to other surgeons performing FUE.. I began researching other surgeons and found Dr. Hasson from HnW. An online consultation estimated me needing 2000-2500 grafts via FUE (I have had some increased thinning since my original consultation w/Dr. Diep). From what I found, however, it appears that Dr. Hasson is somewhat hands off and allows his techs to do the majority of the work, although I may be misinformed on this. I did find that to be concerning, however. Overall, I was wondering what the community's opinion is about each surgeon, and if I should choose one over the other Thanks!!!
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