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  1. I came in contact with Dr Pradeep Sethi 5 years back when I took my cousin to him for a hair transplant . My Cousin had visited numerous centres in Delhi till someone told me about Eugenix. Dr Pradeep Sethi struck me as a genuine and enthusiastic person with total dedication and being a dermatologist, that too from AIIMS added further weight to his capabilities. As we got talking I came to know that he graduated from the same medical college as me and we developed an instant rapport. My cousin's transplant results were terrific and transformed his looks altogether. Thereafter Dr Pradeep Sethi set his eyes on my Bald head and Convinced me to undergo a Hair Transplant. Though I liked the idea yet I was in two minds and when I told my wife about it she was totally against it and discouraged me further. My daughter quite like the idea and urged me to go for it immediately. That was in 2015 September end when I had my first Hair Transplant. Being 61 years old at that time, I was quite apprehensive and thus opted for a slightly high hair line and little coverage at the vertex area and since I had a good beard growth, It was suggested by me that the hairline be taken down from the back of my head where the donor area was good and the vertex be covered by my beard hair. the transplant gave me a different and a more confident look, the hairline was still on higher side, which was done on my insistence, even though I went against Dr Pradeep Sethi intentions as I thought the looks should be proportional to my age. In 2019 I decided to join Eugenix and after that in January 2020 I had a second transplant wherein my Hairline was redone to a slightly lower level temples re constructed and vertex area covered further. This time again, I Insisted on leaving the occipital region to leave a slightly bald look at the back to make it look natural and commensurate to my age, which now is 65 yrs. I must add that Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal did a tremendous job and is appreciated by all the people I show my old snaps to and what I look now. I thank them from the bottom of my Heart and my gratitude is boundless. First Sitting Surgery date 28/10/2015 Total no. of Grafts : 2000 Scalp : Beard : Donor quality: fair Hair caliber: Good Donor side: Scalp , Beard Recipient side: Hairline, front scalp Second Sitting Surgery date 02/01/2020 Total no. of Grafts : 2155 Scalp : 1955 Beard : 200 Donor quality: fair Hair caliber: Good Donor side: Scalp , Beard Recipient side: Hairline, temples, crown