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  1. A little update on the progress. Still got a little itching in the donor area but much better than before. Just got a hair cut so donor is a little visible under harsh light. I am not using any products in my hair in the pictures. I am really hoping I get a little more density behind the hairline. I am a little over 6 months now. If everything goes well I will go back for the crown hopefully around November and COVID situation improves.
  2. You have been using normal shampoo after you finished the foam ones they gave? The clinic suggested to use nizoral 3 times a week for the flaking/peeling so I hope that works and I get result like urs too.
  3. Nice transformation. I had a questions for you. Did you use a regular shampoo after the first month or were you given a shampoo by the clinic along with the spray and vitamins? I also had an HT with Resul Yaman and he gave me the shampoo, spray and vitamins to use. These are after the foam ones. The issue I am having is skin peeling and dandruff. So the clinic made me stop the spray they gave me. did you also go through a phase of skin peeling and dandruff at the recipient area?
  4. Thanks guys, I will be uploading some more recent pictures soon. Going through the shedding phase right now I guess because it looks patchy and clinic said it’s normal.
  5. Hey, I have been browsing this forum for several years now and finally went ahead with FUE with Dr. Resul Yaman in Turkey from Quebec, Canada. Now I would like to share my results to help others in future to make their decision and to get some feedback throughout my journey. All the staff in the clinic were very friendly and they reply very quick on WhatsApp if I have any questions to this day. Very impressed with the overall service until now. I have been losing hair since age 20 but the last 3 years I lost a lot of ground. I am currently 31 years old. I tried taking propecia/finasteride twice but had side effects such as testicular pain and was suggested by the pharmacist and doctor to get off it. Never tried Rogaine. It seems like I am headed towards NW7. So I asked the doc to plan the HT based on me going fully bald in future. He suggested going with 3500-4000 grafts for the hairline and mid scalp and then come back next year same time for the crown with some touch up if need. The second session he said may around 1500 grafts. Total 3650 follicular units: Single - 658 Double - 2057 Multiple - 935 Some Before Pictures: Pictures By Clinic: