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  1. Yes I have to agree. Its all about business. This site was created to obviously make money. I was wrong and too naive to think it was created as an open platform that put people's needs first. This is why you won't find the best clinics on here stupid enough to pay to come to this forum when they dont need it. The only people who think otherwise are those who work for the site. Again obvious. On another post I mentioned that some users were actually blacklisted from not only visiting this forum again. But were blacklisted from visiting doctors that this forum gave contact info to without ANY consent, thereby breaking privacy law. My best advice to all you is to research as many resources as you can. Dont put all your eggs in 1 basket by visiting this forum only. Visit lots of them. Ask as many questions as you can even if you feel theyve been answered already. Theres a lot of evil lurking on forums that dont have your best interest at heart but your money. Dont be afraid to speak up loudly. Good luck to all you.
  2. Looked at your hair results by rahal. I'm sure a 2nd procedure would help add more density. Are you thinking of getting a 2nd treatment?
  3. Wowwww. Theres no truth anywhere not even on the net. From what I know whenever a forum or organization is funded by a group of professionals or companies usually theres opportunities for abuse. Happens all the time no exceptions. Which brings me to this crucial incident. Someone I've talked to before who was on this forum until a few years ago said he was blacklisted from contacting certain doctors because he voiced very strong opinions about specific clinics and doctors. At first I didnt want to believe him though a part of me was convinced he was telling the truth. Wont name him so dont ask. What he told me next was a big shocker I ddint think was real. He said this forum sent his contact info to different doctors that sponsor this site and thats how he got blacklisted from visiting any of those doctors. Now that you admit to the private funding of this site I have no choice but to believe him 500%. This is wild. I'm really silenced now. So whenever you voice your 1st amendment freedom of opinion about a clinic not only do you run the risk of getting banned or blocked, but you also get blacklisted by clinics from ever treating you. No offense with what I'm gonna tell you but I got to say it so we're on equal footing given what you wrote. I respect you as long as you respect me. Thats how I roll in life. I like the forum I'm new but have visited it for many years without going on it. I'm no troublemaker at all. Anyone of my friends or relatives who know me will tell you I'm open and curious about things and finding out how they work. I research and ask lots of questions. If I got to criticize someone I'll do so with absolutely no fear in my heart but respectfully. But if I ever get mysteriously blacklisted or blocked by certain clinics for reasons which make no sense like the dude I mentioned I'm gonna trace that here to this forum. I'm saying this with a lot of respect to the forum. keep in mind I know what its like being blocked from certain areas in society with my background. So I dont play when it comes to that. Just letting you know to protect myself. Appreciate your honesty and much respect.
  4. wow. tahnks for letting me know. I'll be on guard for that while I'm on here. Very unfortunate
  5. But this is whats confusing to me. On another thread someone said clinics pay to get reciommended on this site. This is forever confusing cuz this is supposed to be a forum to help people make wise decisions without any external influence. Now youre saying this site gets sued??? This is mind-boggling now. Thought this site was an independent forum that kept clinics from manipulating people's buying decisions by protecting them. If this is true then I cant trust anyone on here. I thought this forum was different. Hope i'm wrong about this.
  6. Wow. Always amazing results from h&w. Wish i could attend th event
  7. But hold on there. If you transplant hairs through FUT in the same area as MPB follicles lost through tension from those muscles on the scalp , why dont the FUT follicles shed?? It doesnt add up at all.
  8. years back I read about patients requesting more lowered hairlines from h&w. And h&w gave them what they wanted. The patient had one of the best results I've ever seen in the history of hair transplants and was crazy blown away. wow. btw post your pics of your results for us see. Would love to check it out. Cool post.
  9. Wait a very long minute. You're sayiing clinics pay this website to be able to be recommended on it?? Tf??? Ok I'm getting spaced out in the mind now. If thats true and trust me I'm not disbelieving you since this is the 1st time reading this, but is this site funded by clinics or am i wrong about that? I'm very confused and possibly disaappointed now. Let me know that and hope you can support that claim. Again I'm not disbelieving you since its possible but I'd like to know for sure.
  10. Ok I'm feeling that it looks good for 8 months. You got that superstar look going
  11. Have to agree. From what I've seen over 7 years h&w produces far better results than rahal. Personaly h&w is my top 3 fave surgeons now. Correct rahal doesnt do fut at least not anymore from what i've read. Also saw a site about a dude who was upset that rahal messed up his scalp. Posted pics and it looked horrifying. Anyway pick someone in your gut you can trust.
  12. I checked those out as you mentioned on the yt. But his results on the crown isn't that good. But thanks anyway.
  13. But i mean the carnivore diet is like the atkins diet that focuses mostly on protein sources like meats and eggs on the rlt. Same dog different leash. Keep in mind too that the foods sold in america are full of unnecessary junk which can build fat and make us addicted to it. Then you have Tv ads with McD, popeyes and golden corral just to name a feww that wires our minds subconsciously to crave foods, fast food and what not. In order to diet and exercise effectively you need to first above all else discipline your mind to tame it into determination and positivity so that when the notion of unneeded unhealthy food comes up in your mind youre well trained mentally to avoid them and just focus on healthiness which has to be the main focus no matter what.
  14. Dont do machines though. Any exercise equipment that makes exercising easy should be avoided. Instead of a stationary bike just ride a bike outside,. Instead of a treadmill just walk or job for 30 minutes outside. anything that takes pain away wont make you gain. I klearned that the hard way in the form of $1400. Threw that machine away and started running almost erevy day. In 3 months time alone lost 27 pounds. drink plenty water. shower a lot.