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  1. For all purposes you can say i had none. Classic slavic no eyebrows. Thank you very much. I rather not say yet, i hope it is okay. Dont the upper border look too straight to you? Would you suspect such an eyebrow was not natural?
  2. Please rate my result on natural look and density. Is that a good eyebrow result? I had none before
  3. Hey. I was extremly strict about sun exposure. Never had any until 8 month post op. Any idea what it is? The skin looks pale/sick only there hair was transplanted. The skin colouring was there from day 1 and did not change. Do you think a normal dermatologist can understand it without any HT understanding? I want to post some pictures to hear what you think about the result without me saying anything if its ok
  4. Thank you. My surgeon said he does not know. It started a week after the transplant untill now. Maybe it is a form of hyper/hypo pigmentation. If there any doctors here that can help i will be glad.
  5. Hello guys. As you can see by the picture. Between the grafts themselves the skin looks white/pale/grey. Is this a scar? Pigmentation? Thank you very much guys.
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