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  1. Why is that? There is no indication of currebt MPB and Fin is such an overkill. Shouldnt i keep watch instead? I rather HT my mature hairline 10 years from now rather than rush a drug with severe symptoms
  2. Thank you Melvin, would you say it fits what i stated above?
  3. Sure. I am only at the start now of MPB and age 24 so i wanted an average My hair is medium, straight with averege to slightly above density. Dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin
  4. Hey, lets say caucasian, dark/brown hair with maximum density attempt. How much is realistic if attempt maximum yield?
  5. Is a NW1 realistic goal for an for a HT? For example go for NW1 at 26-27 and see if it needs up keeping. Or just better to go with something more modest like NW2
  6. Hello all and thank you for the reply. I am 23. I was just to a well known HT doctor who had canceltion and he said this. The temples are going a bit deeper. No other sign of hairloss anywhere (scalp/sides/front hairline) at this point impossible to say if balding or mature hairline. Need to monitor. Currently NW1.5 He said he didnt need the microscope and checked with naked eyes No need to even touch Fin or HT now. Following this is there a chance once the current hairline deepens the loss will end? That it is simply maturing of the hair? Is it possible this is the
  7. Thank you guys. How do i know if its a MPB or seemply mature hairline? How long/first signs to appear? Can a doctor decide now? Is a HT viable at age 25 to become a NW 1 for a while?
  8. In the main board (HT questions) they seem to think im not. However i do agree with you, i think this is the start sadly. A HT doctor should be able to confirm or is it too early?
  9. Hello, mature hairline for 3 years now. Noticed the inner corners appear a bit weak with baby hairs. Is this a sign of thinning or a normal hairline? I think about going to a doctor so he can check me but im hoping to hear opiniln
  10. N Thank you. According to photos, mature hairline or start of balding?
  11. Also this part worries me, some thinning?
  12. I add the photos, but i was talking about my heritage. My father genes vs my mothers. Is it possible i wont bald thanks to my father? In the future
  13. @Melvin-Moderator i will be happy if you take a look
  14. Hairline matured at 21. For now stable for 2 years. father, his father and brother full hair at 70. my grandfather from mother side started to bald around 35, ended NW6 around 50. Uncle mother side NW1 65 years old great grandfather mother side bald at 30 NW6
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