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  1. Sure, below are the most recent photos of around 4 months post surgery. The donor area healed well, the hairline looks good while I still see some double hair grafts in front, which is quite disappointing. There is still some redness and mild irritation in the recipient area, for that I use Nizoral Shampoo. Still waiting for the front and crown areas to get fuller and thicker (hopefully) 😄
  2. You are right, I totally agree with you. I hope it turns out well eventually 😁
  3. Day 15 - Update I think the recipient area looks fine, while the donor area still not looking good. Hopefully it is still early to judge!
  4. Well, I think I do recommend him as a doctor, but again I am still waiting for the results to come up and accordingly I will be more able to tell. However, for the operation itself, I think everyone should think twice before proceeding.
  5. Thank you for your comment, I am really glad to hear that yours went very well and I hope we both get a very good results! I had and still have high hopes on the doctor and his staff, hoping for a result that worth every moment of pain! Best wishes!
  6. Thank you so much for your comment and kind wishes, I hope yours also went very well. Yes you are right, they gave me a breakdown of the grafts transplanted which brings some kind of relief to be honest. and yes my crown area was also balding with very thin blond hair. The Doctor was honest and said that it will be just covered up but wont be dense like the frontal area. (20 graft/cm2 vs 44 graft/cm2) which I also dont find very accurate, but let us wait, pray, and see how it progress
  7. Thank you for your comment, and yes I agree with you. We will never be sure about the actual number but to be honest the results is what really matters here .. the donor area is recovering just fine, in 2 days I will be posting photos of 2 weeks post-op.
  8. Hello, This is Hazem from Jordan and I am posting here to share my personal experience with a Hair Transplant surgery I did on 22nd Jan, 2020 done by Dr. Resul Yaman at Yaman Syrgery Centre in Istanbul. At the time I am posting this thread, it is day 10 post-op and I want to over some points really quick that may be useful to other members over here: - From my experience, I can say that the surgery was way more painful than what I have heard and expected. Not sure if that is normal or just my surgery did not go very well. It worth mentioning here that Dr. Resul was so kind and
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