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  1. I’m looking to do my crown and torn between turan and hlc. I don’t have a budget tbh just want the best result. Why do u think hlc are above turan ? He has lots of good results on the Facebook pages. Btw your hair is still looking good barely notice you have hair loss.
  2. Proof that results can improve past the 6 month mark. Well done.
  3. very good. most doctors are using motorized now seems manual is a thing of the past now.
  4. Hattingen are the best by a mile if you don’t mind having a scar on the back of your head. Keser is the best for fue, don’t mind Portugal saying he doesn’t use microscopes he is the best in the world for hairlines by a mile. !!
  5. Doesent look right for 6 months. Asmed is very hit and miss lately. Looks like you have a good doner doh so you should be able to go for another one with another clinic after a year.
  6. Not bad defo improved since your last update. I think a small touch up as you will be sorted.
  7. HOI prob the best in turkey in my opinion and i have seen many real results from them. If you have a good doner area you will get a good result.
  8. I have only seen one or 2 real patient reviews from her and they were good. Her before and afters look good on insta too. I don’t know enough about her tbh but I have not seen any negative reviews or comments. I advised fue capiliar cause I have seen a lot of real patient reviews on a Facebook group.
  9. Try bisanga, HLC, Fue capiliar, Bruno ferrreria.
  10. I think this is the first ever bad result I have seen from bisanga. Just goes to show their is no guarantee wherever you go. Also I think factor is x is a real factor in relation to failed surgeries.
  11. @mustangcan you use topical dutasteride alongside oral finasteride ?
  12. Harsh enough I don’t think that is thin looks very good to me.
  13. Don’t post then if your not willing to show the top. Posting is supposed to benefit others when their making their choice so we can see the full result.
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