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  1. Thanks for the replies @LaserCap and @home1212. I’ve had a number of online consultations but there are 4 primary doctors: 1) Carlos Wesley - 2,400 FUE. Was a super nice doc just was surprised by number of grafts and also don’t see any patient postings 2) Konoir - said FUT (didn’t state grafts) or FUE if I wanted short hair (2,000 to 2,200). Awesome doctor but schedule is insanely booked 3) Cooley - recommended 2,500 FUT. option to do 1,800 FUE but wouldn’t do more and recommends FUT. Really like Cooleys experience and results. 4) Bloxham - recommend
  2. I'd also add that I don't subscribe to the notion that any top doctor (those recommended in this form and elsewhere in the community) would recommend FUT over FUE simply because it is easier for the doctor.This may be true for inexperienced or cheaper doctors but you could also argue that FUE has had the opposite affect and has allowed many inexperienced doctors to start recommending FUE by turning a dermatologist clinic into an FUE side hobby by using neograft, etc. This same Dynamic occurs in any business. If one technique is more tedious you charge higher for it, which all the doctors
  3. I appreciate all the comments. Although I will add a few of them might be a bit more hyperbolic than constructive. I understand that some people will want to shave their head but, trust me, I will not get 'bored' and want to shave my hair. I do agree that the risk of a stretched scar is not pleasant but I have seem some very good scars that are nearly imperceptible at a # 3 (i know this isn't always the case and some people have bad ones). I want to and will go to the "top" doctors and am not trying to skip out on price - I will be having the HT in North America. For context, no on
  4. Hey Everybody, I wanted to post a few pics to see if you think FUT or FUE would be best for me / people with hair similar to mine. The first 5 doctors I talked to all recommended 1,500 to 1,800 FUE and 1 doctor (part of this network) said 2,400 FUE, much higher. I then came across 2 of the top doctors on this form and both said they could do up to 1,800 FUE but would recommend FUT of around 2,400 to 2,500 grafts. I was told FUT was best for me to: hedge my bets (I'm 27), because i have light fine hair which is more vulnerable during an FUE and because FUT has the best results f
  5. It seems that Dr. Carlos Wesley is well respected as a HT doctor and has posted some very impressive results on these threads, but there are very few posts from former patients. Does anybody know why this is? Are there any patients out there? And do you think Dr. Wesley is a top 10 HT doctor like some people say?
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