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  1. Congratulations Paddy, Great choice, Great post, Great experience with Great Dr. I appreciate your hard work for helping us undrestand more about @Eugenix Hair Science
  2. Dear @paddyirishman Thank you for your kind comment. Yes I believe that results speak load for the Drs and @Eugenix Hair Science produced some great results including of yourself.
  3. First of all my regards and special Thanks to this website and the people who made it easy for me and others to learn more and gain experinece about hair and hair transplantations. I am male 34 years of age from London living in Dubai. I have done quite a lots of research in hair transplantations and finally decided to allow Dr Pradeep of Eugenix in India to do my hair transplantation. I will be flying there soon and I shall update you step by step of my experience so I too can be of some help for somebody up there.
  4. Dear Abhinay Your result looks amazing. Hopefully I get my date booked soon with Dr Pradeep so see you soon in India.