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  1. Thank Melvin, I'll give regular Finasteride a try and divide it up. It's a real nightmare getting sides - I just don't feel good about getting a transplant as a Norwood 5a without anti-dht treatment, knowing I'll probably end up a 6/7 one day 😐
  2. Hi guys, I've been on Proscar for 10 months now. I cut it into quarters (so around 1.2mg) and take it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'm still getting loss of libido and lot less frequent erections though. I've tried to cut the tablets into 0.6mg so I'll see how this goes - I assume such a small dosage Monday, Wednesday, Friday will still be effective? I'm Norwood 5a and considering a transplant but I really can't proceed until I can hold back the dht with no sides - it's a really frustrating limbo to be in. My question to you guys is, what alternatives can I pursue to inhibit dht if this doesn't work? Do you suggest topical finasteride or any other alternatives?
  3. @Portugal25 @LaserCap @paddyirishman Thanks a lot guys, you've given me some great info to consider. I think I could stretch my budget to Demirsoy, certainly if he's there for the whole procedure and is just doing one patient a day. Are there any other surgeons you recommend me comparing to in Europe around the 1.25 euros a graft price range? What I just can't work out regarding a transplant is if the hair I buy in the front will be with me for life? I understand I will have to go back for surgery a few times as my crown starts to recede (hoping the Proscar slows that down). But what confuses me with hair transplants is people saying stuff like 'even if it buys me just another five years' or hair transplant veterans of old, now in their sixties, saying it was a waste of time and money as the grafts have eventually thinned or fallen out. - If most of my frontal hair is gone and I get it filled in, won't this now be with me for good? Are hair veterans lamenting loss perhaps referring to older tech transplants from the 1990s/early 2000s? If I get 4000 grafts into the front and this will only last 5 or even 10 years, then I'm not sure if I can spare the expense. If it lasts me from now (39), until my 70s and I just keep going back to get the crown topped up then that makes sense.
  4. Im a 39 year old male in the UK, think I'm maybe a Norwood 5 or 6? I've attached a photo for reference. I started Proscar last October so been on it four months now and I think the crown has thickened a little. Do you think I could get decent coverage with a FUE transplant and have some donor to spare for future? I just want to know if it's worth me proceeding or if my recession is too far gone? If I can get all over coverage with the illusion of density that would be great but I don't want to have an exposed crown or just a thin 'shredded wheat' look on top. I'm on a tight budget so it would have to be a Turkish clinic. I know the risks of this but I've seen, like others, fantastic results from Dr Cinik. Just putting some feelers out and wanting a few educated opinions please. Many thanks!
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