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  1. Tnx, But is it possible to reach 5.5cm hairline with h.t?
  2. Of course ive saw your journey, and its amazing. but In your experience, would it be wise as a first transplant right now to do a transplant only in the front of the head? Another question I realized that in the transplant you reach a hairline of 6.5 cm My original forehead structure is very small, And I'm interested in a 5.5 cm hairline Is it possible? Guess right now my hairline is about 7 cm Tnx
  3. Thank you for your detailed reference. The side effects from using Propecia were Lack of sexual desire, and difficulty getting an erection, Also im afraid of long-term effects from using Propecia . I do not feel like I am experiencing hair loss and she has pretty much stopped I use biotin shampoo I use d.h.t blockers like saew palmetto , and diet . My insecurity is mainly due to the forehead , and templates. There I considered undergoing a transplant only. Assuming I oppose chemical use . Will you offer me a hair transplant just in front of my head?
  4. Hi guys, I decided to hear the voices of the respondents ,and to try topical fin, before im takilng H.t. My q is where can i get it? Ive found in ebay but it seems very suspect drug. Tnx
  5. Tnx Claus, What are the reasons not to do H.T in my situation? Because i underatand everyone is pro fin/ min It seems there are some issues with H.T that i dont know about yhem, otherwise everyone should do it
  6. Tnx Melvin, I know my hairline will never get back. I dont feel any hairloss right now, even i dont use min or fin. However when i did use min i did feel hairloss, maybe its psycholgical. My bottom line is shell i take a h.t in my condittion or shell i wait with it.
  7. Hi friends, Shifty, ive read your blog and its amazing, no doubt i keep using vitamins and derma roller( derma pen) Melvin and Novo, recentley ive become against chimicals, so ive stopped minoxidil at all, in addittion my hairloss nevwr stopped with minoxudil ididnt feel.any change with it. I ve found that greeb tea , avocdo and mix of oils are doing good.job in stopping hair loss. My biggest problem is that i want to lower my hairline, and thats imposible. I dont if h.t would do it, thats my dilema. Toppik does it but i want hair line with hairs not with powder
  8. ok, ill check it out. So you say to aviod h.t in this stage?
  9. Hi john. Ive tried in the past taking prooecia and i has terrible side effects so i passed it. Im taking saw palmetto. My hair is not falling so much but it is. That a pic which my hair from the donate area is longer. Tnx alot
  10. Hi guys, I need your help. Im 36 yrs old and im losing hair since i was 21 yrs old. I have baldness histoy in my family. Im treating myself with :dermaroller ,rogain,e vitamins, oils , nutrition, etc. Recently i hear about more and more people who have made H.T and they are very plesed wuth the result, so im considering to get H.T. I use toppik and i cant stand it anymore. In the other hand i still have hair and im still losing hair , in addittion im very afraid from the process (pain, side effects ,etc.) Im a gym trainer so i cant let myself losing alo
  11. Tnx so much guys, Ive dcedided to abandon H.T for now ant trying to save my hair with derma pen rogaine vitamins etc. Ill keep using toppik as i understood from your answers my front line will never look like when i was 20 yrs old with any H.T Tnx alot
  12. Tnx for your answers. Im using rogaine fo 12 years ,but in last year not so much. I do use indulekha oil. So i just want to be sure that i got yoi. You think to do H.T just in templates and to try lowwr my forgead will be bad idea?
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