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  1. Yeah, unbelieveable. I even considered questioning him in the video comments, but this would probably make the patient feel bad, so I didn't.
  2. In Santa Catarina, Brazil. It seems to be the implanted hair :P.
  3. Hello, everyone. I was watching this Hair transplant and it seemed interesting. I'm no doctor, but his donor area looked very poor, and the bald area was considerably big. Still, the doctor decided to do what he calls a dense packing on the front, with no distribution to other bald areas, aside from the crown. Also, the number of follicles extracted seems to be more than his got available. It would be better if you watch the video, but I attached some pictures in case you don't want to. What do you guys think?
  4. Hello everyone, just an update. I've been to another doctor, we examined my hair scalp with a trichoscope. There are quite a few hairs close to "full miniaturization" on my bald area and, according to the doctor, those can be saved with the proper treatment (Propecia, rogaine and some vitamins). Also, he evaluated my donor area as 5.5/10 (very different from what the other doctor (who acted as salesman) told me). Therefore, I got back on meds and will wait a year before considering a hair transplant again. I'm so thankful for this forum because it provided me so much
  5. Hi, an update. I've managed to get a better picture of my grandmother's head.
  6. First of all, thank you so much for your consistent reply. I really appreciate it.
  7. Yeah, I know I should have continued with minoxidil. I'll try it again. I've tried fina 1mg, but the side effects (low libido) were very hard on me, so I stopped it.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm 22, fom Brazil, and I'm balding really fast. I've noticed I was balding when I was 17. There is no family history, except for my mother and grandmother's thin hair. Here's the thing: I went to the doctor when I was 18 looking for some kind of treatment. He recommended minoxidil and some vitamins. He also said I couldn't get a hair transplant because my donor area was very poor. I believed him, because, IMHO, my donor area is poor. I stopped minoxidil a few months later because I wasn't seeing any improvements and I thought I could shave my head some
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