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  1. Great, i will wait a couple of months and see then if it didn't improve i may consider SMP or implanting the patched area also would be a great option since it will last forever.
  2. I hope it improves too, let's see. I also though of having smp on the donor area, so do you know what would be the right time to do it ? and how long approximately can it last ?
  3. You are right , i got deceived by their marketing and previous cases but after the operation i realized that they are more like a mill than a hospital, the transplanted area is so far good but the donor area is not good at all. I started noticing since day 10 after the operation that the right side is much thinner than the left side and its not improving that much since then, so does that mean that it's most likely a depletion ?
  4. Hello all, i had a FUE hair transplant operation 2 months ago in Turkey and they implanted 2850 grafts and since then i noticed my donor area is so thin especially in the right side.So will it stay like this forever or will it improve a little bit ?These photos are 2 months after the operation
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