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  1. Hi guys what size of dermaroller schould I use. 0,5 in the beginning and then 1 or 1,5mm when my scalp has got used to microneedling? Just read somewhere that they recommended 0,2-0,5 for hair restoration. Thx. in advance. /Mikael
  2. Hi guys pekiner refusing working on patients with minitarising hairs/grafts. How do I know if I have this / find out. big chance to take booking surgery if there is a risk he refuses me when I show up? Will Perkiner not do Hair transplants will only hair grafts?
  3. @Rolandas looking good. Ty for sharing, I will be following your journey closely. Do you know why there is so big differences in the amount off grafts extracted in around a hour. The amount varies from 40 to 400 to 800ishh.
  4. Hi @Rolandas hope everything want superb. This week. looking forward to be following your journey.
  5. @Portugal25every 2nd or 3rd of my beard hair is grey/White and the other are Dark brown/Black as my hair. Some of My hair has also gone grey so you think I can use beard grafts. Are surgons willing to only look for the Black beardgrafts and go for them? Do you have any ide of lorenzo clinic has done / do many beard transplants? im considering dr. Bruno amd I know he does beard grafts but not his experience doing it.
  6. @Portugal25what did u go to perkiner instead of dr. Ximenxa Vila or dr. Bruno F. Both you seam to speak warmly about. I know that dr. Bruno F also do bth fue.
  7. @RolandasI guess dr. Bruno have not giving u post up aftercare instructions yet. Im sure he will. Do u know if his nurses offer cleaning the donor and recipient area the day after surgery, while giving you washing instructions? I’d personally go for a loose cap and a travel pillow. I had 2 ht and have been wearing cap when leaving the doctor and following days. Actually I dont know if every doctor ‘recommend’ this? I have been very very cautious when putting it on and taking off. I have had the cap very loose and just a top of my head not touching any grafts.
  8. Hi I had my ht almost 6 months ago. The last month I have seen/see no new hairs coming. Is this normal. Could there still be new hairs from now or will growth the next 6 months only be existing hairs getting thicker and stronger? Is there any proof of specific shampoos having an effect of stoping hairloss? Seems like many in here using ds laboratories or something like that? Thanks
  9. @Jay13 hey following this. I will have consultation with Hlc in marts in Frankfurt and dr. Bruno in april. keep us postet thanks
  10. @KM90 Nice u want to share ur journey. Thank man. i domt know about the graft u mention. In my mind the lengths of them looks like mine did at my two surgerys right after surgery. i know that you would look dope if u at Some point decides to have your hair buzz Cut. regards, mikael
  11. Is there anywhere I can read about gatsu first 2 surgerys at Dr. Keser. sorry im new in here and dont Seem to know how to find it. /mikael
  12. @Portugal25thank you Portugal. Asume u live in portugal. Have u ever been at dr. Bruno facilities in porto? Looks like he is having some kind of collab (same clinic/facilities) as plastic surgons, BOTOX etc that is not that appelling to me but Ill find out as im in contact with him I’m also wondering if he does bth transplants? And his time on tissue with this? Last thing - do you think hthe video on the frontpage off his webpage showes a example of nice frontal hairline restoration work?
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