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  1. In India you have 2 good clinics I know, that use microscopes and do great BHT, I bet your terrible experience was in a generic clinic. I had FUE in both times, on my repair most of the donor area was from near my ears, luckily Arenamed didn't touch it, I have strong grafts near my ears.
  2. All must be warned from the generic low cost HT clinics, to he honest I wasn't even aware that my 1st HT was at a low cost category, the agent convinced me it's a high class clinic and sadly I didn't understand anything on HTs, I thought I was because I met people who had HTs since 2004, when FUT was popular.
  3. I am happy I went alive from Turkey, it's a country without federal enforcement over medical and aesthetics practice, every joker declare himself "doctor" with international MD, and represent some rubbish local Turkish "certifications" and people fall for these generic 2000-3000 Euro clinics, people like that don't have value for human's life in my opinion 😡
  4. I want to thank Dr. Maras and HDC team for repairing my hair, I was in terrible condition from my first experience with Arenamed. I am 36 years today and had my first HT back in February 2018 at Arenamed clinic in Turkey Istanbul with an escort service with a local agent in my country that represent Arenamed, before the surgery I was promised in a contract, that I will have 5000 grafts ( mega session in a day) WITH NO SCARS, my experience at Arenamed was horrible! I had 10 hours surgery, very painful procedure that almost cost my life! They injected me too much anesthetic, which caused me to faint on a wheelchair, puke and vomit for 12 hours, body temperature was cold and squirm! They called to an ambulance and the doctor determined that my blood pressure was low due to anesthesia overdose (I am not allergic to anesthesia), after I recovered in my hotel, I couldn't sleep, I continued to threw up in the toilet and the head was too painful so I couldn't sleep! After a year me and the agent agreed my HT was a FAILURE, BUT he refused to admit I had scars! I went to a specialist they approved with a latter my donor area got scared due the HT surgery, PLUS the surgery hurt MY NATURAL HAIR, so the HT was failure, I got scars, I almost died from medical malpractice and my natural hair got damaged. The agecny only offered me free HT at Arenamed but I refused and asked for a full refund and he refused even after he didn't provide what he promised on paper, we had a fight without understanding and no agreement. Few months ago the same agent texted and THREATENED TO SUE ME! For telling my story but I ignored him and followed the rules by lawyer's advice. MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD! Now for the good part with the lovely experience at HDC in Cyprus At first I met Dr. Maras, his team and the representors in my country, I was very emotional and told them with tears my story, I explained them I am ashamed to go out by the way I look now, I feel my appearance and my confidence was destroyed, they calmed me down, and promised that everything will be fixed, Dr. Maras explained that my luck is the fact that Arenamed didn't touch my donor area next to my ears (strong donor area), they were very empathetic, they explained me the whole procedure will be totally different in much nicer way. Before my arrival to HDC, I met 7 patients that had HTs by Dr. Maras, all looked great to me! 4 of the patients, had REPAIR HAIR TRANSPLANTS, and 2 of them were like myself customers that had a huge let letdown from the first agent that work with Arenamed, also I months over months learned a lot about hair transplants, the difference between Microscope FUE, to Mini FUE to only eye using FUE, how to preserve grafts, why my first HT failed, how not to make scars, hair punch mm, ect... When I arrived to Cyprus I felt much calmer compare to Istanbul, the apartment that HDC provided me was clean and modern. The 2 days surgey by Dr. Maras went clean and easy, with small injections, no pain, no issues I am now post 7 months since the REPAIR HT and I couldn't be happier with the results! Full hair with no scars as promised! Dr. Maras and HDC team regained my confidence and youthful look, I HIGHLY recommend *** If anyone want to ask and consult me, feel free to PM me privately *** The pics will show you comparsion between 3000 Euros HT by Arenamed vs 6500 Euros HT by HDC.