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  1. 1 guard - Wahl clippers with the grain. I forgot what I used for the sides (homemade fade.) I only used scissors on the recipient hair until most recently.
  2. My donor is 100% healed and has been for some time now. Except for an ingrown hair in the back or two that periodically pops up. Best wishes to you on your journey. Thanks for the feedback
  3. 6 month update. Nothing new to really talk about. My transplanted hair is still growing. But it’s still not as dense as the hairs around it. If I cut it even all over you can’t tell... I just would like to wear my hair longer. I’ve included pics of it now and when I cut it down some. I will say that I’m still pretty happy because I looked at my passport pic and it was appalling how big my forehead was!
  4. 1. No. All my hair was transplanted to lower my hairline and strenghten temples where no hair was. 2. So far, yes. But I plan on brushing more once it's fully grown. I'm fully confident I could use fibers. I could use them right now actually but I wanted to avoid temporary fixes. I'll drop another update this week once I cut my hair down so you guys can see what it looks like. It looks much better when all the hair is the same level.
  5. 4 Month Update The good: my transplanted hair seems to be growing fine. No real issues. Just being patient because it grows slower than the rest. The Bad: Growing my hair out during the quarantine has proven true some of my worst fears... the middle of my head and crown are noticeably thin. It sucks because I can’t grow my hair out beyond a couple weeks before it’s noticeable. The reality: I’m pretty sure I’ll get what I initially came in for, a lowered hairline. If I keep my hair low it looks really good. Even now most people can’t tell I had a transplant. Given the diffuse thinning on my crown and vertex I’ll have to consider a second transplant to fix it. That’s not on the horizon anytime soon. I COULD hop on minoxidil. Especially since I’m already on Fin. I still might but I hate how it goes away soon as you stop. I sought out a HT for a permanent solution. Anyway, here are the pics. Sides + front and a top view of my head when I grew it out more.
  6. No offense taken. That’s a fair point and it’s a reason I wanted to potentially look at a larger transplant. But for now a lower hairline will do. My hair looks better once grown out. I will evaluate the need for another transplant later.
  7. My 2.5 months update. Nothing really impressive to show. What’s been funny is how many public appearances I’ve had to make since the transplant. This is roughly 1 week growth from close to bald. I kept cutting the donor area so the difference wouldn’t be super noticeable. Now I just wear it like it is. It doesn’t look crazy, just like I’m balding. My donor area looks like nothing happened to it, even with a low cut. The recipient area is still shedding and I get intermittent pimples combined with redness. Thankfully my skin color hides it well I cannot WAIT for this ugly duckling phase to pass. Here at the pics:
  8. I'll have to check my paperwork but I haven't cut the recipient yet, only the donor area to keep it from outgrowing it too much.
  9. Current update. 28 days post op. I’m definitely entering the shedding phase. I’ve cut the surrounding hair (including the donor) with hopes of it not looking as bad. Using clippers on the donor area wasn’t so bad but the area is still tender so it hurt a tiny bit. it’s pretty hard to see my donor area scarring since I have darker skin and black curly hair. But it’s slightly red if you look up close. My gf says even she can’t notice it so that’s good. Quick question, is it normal for my recipient area to still be red by now?
  10. Day 12 post op. Most of the scabs are gone. I honestly can’t tell where my new hair starts and the old hair ends. I’ve been wearing my hair out pretty confidently. I’m slightly anxious for the shedding period but ready to get it over with. No donor area pics because it’s the same as before but more grown out. You can’t see anything. At this point I’ll probably only post monthly updates.