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  1. Donor area looks pretty clean. Look forward to seeing how it progresses
  2. Thanks, yeah I agree. The hair loss to transplant was kinda perfect in it's subtlety. Enough to make a different but not drastic to wear people definitely know I got something done. I haven't noticed anything with Fin tbh. I only take 1mg every other day though. I honestly don't think I needed to take it. If it stays like it is then I'll just keep my hair as-is. If I had more hairloss... maybe. I'm pushing 40 so I'm okay with not having dense hair all over. The good thing is my donor area is still ripe for more harvesting. But I doubt I get more work done tbh. Maybe 10
  3. Honestly nobody can really tell. I didn't do a drastic transformation, it's only 1500 grafts and I had been keeping my hair pretty low to lessen the affect over the years. My own mother hasn't really noticed. 😂 All she's said is "You look good." The biggest benefit has been covid keeping everyone in the house. People haven't seen me in so long they've probably forgotten what it looks like. If anybody were to ask I'd just say I grew my hair out or hopped on medication. There was only one time, around month 4 when I was out and one of my female friends kept staring at me sayin
  4. Thanks. It's mostly just been getting thicker and more dense. I can still tell where the recipient area starts but that's mostly because I know my hair. The recipient area is just slightly less dense. The good news is that both types of hair are growing at the same rate. So when I cut it, it comes back even. I'm hoping that when I get closer to a year it will be completely indistinguishable. Best of luck with your progress! Getting your hair back is such a great feeling.
  5. Alright lads, time for a proper update. I realized that I was doing this thread a disservice by not posting proper before and after photos. I’m at 8 months and got my first professional haircut. The barber didn’t even notice I had a transplant. Before I post pics I want to reflect a bit... I realized I didn’t have many before photos because I hated seeing my hairline. So most of my photos are with hats on or from my good side. The most noticeable different is the front hairline. It’s like night and day. The confidence boost that comes with this is crazy. It’s worth every penny imo.
  6. Here’s a 7 month update. Not much has changed since last time. Like i said before, because of my diffuse thinning I can’t really show you guys a pic after weeks of growth.. i just look like a guy who’s balding with a hairline. Ironically I’ve been on fin since the transplant and it’s not really improving anything. I’d try minoxidil but it made my scalp red and itchy before. i have zero problems with the donor area besides some dryness and an ingrown hair every now and then. ive included a pic of me outside with the harshest photo filter so you can see the density difference
  7. No itchiness. I do have some dryness that I noticed last time I cut my hair. My scalp was REALLY dry. It's a situation I'm monitoring. I also have ingrown hairs from time to time. Thanks for the nudge. I'll drop some new pics in the next couple of days.
  8. 1 guard - Wahl clippers with the grain. I forgot what I used for the sides (homemade fade.) I only used scissors on the recipient hair until most recently.
  9. My donor is 100% healed and has been for some time now. Except for an ingrown hair in the back or two that periodically pops up. Best wishes to you on your journey. Thanks for the feedback
  10. 6 month update. Nothing new to really talk about. My transplanted hair is still growing. But it’s still not as dense as the hairs around it. If I cut it even all over you can’t tell... I just would like to wear my hair longer. I’ve included pics of it now and when I cut it down some. I will say that I’m still pretty happy because I looked at my passport pic and it was appalling how big my forehead was!
  11. 1. No. All my hair was transplanted to lower my hairline and strenghten temples where no hair was. 2. So far, yes. But I plan on brushing more once it's fully grown. I'm fully confident I could use fibers. I could use them right now actually but I wanted to avoid temporary fixes. I'll drop another update this week once I cut my hair down so you guys can see what it looks like. It looks much better when all the hair is the same level.
  12. 4 Month Update The good: my transplanted hair seems to be growing fine. No real issues. Just being patient because it grows slower than the rest. The Bad: Growing my hair out during the quarantine has proven true some of my worst fears... the middle of my head and crown are noticeably thin. It sucks because I can’t grow my hair out beyond a couple weeks before it’s noticeable. The reality: I’m pretty sure I’ll get what I initially came in for, a lowered hairline. If I keep my hair low it looks really good. Even now most people can’t tell I had a transplant. Given the
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