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  1. I think it looks great! Your donor area looks untouched. I think you might still have an ugly duckling phase ahead tho, I can't remember my timelines. Either way, your end result will look dope. On Diep's note about no oils for a year, I don't know about you but that was unrealistic for me. My hair gets super dry and brittle so I had to put some light oils otherwise it looked terrible. YouTuber Dev Mo talks about it here as well: YMMV, but I have the same issue as the guy in the video. Don't worry, using light oils won't hurt your results. Our needs as black men are different
  2. I wanted to touch on something really quick. Even though I'm happy with my results, I'm disappointed Diep's office hasn't improved their customer service. My original transplant was in January 2020, my 1 year follow up should've been in January of this year. I settled for a mid-March date, mostly because it was virtual and I wasn't really expecting much. I live on the east coast and the time for the appoint was set for 9 pm EST (6 pm pacific) I waited for them to call me for the meeting but it didn't happen. 15 minutes go by and I call the office. They tell me he's running behind on surgery and he'll call in another 15 minutes. I wait 20 more minutes and call again. They say sorry and he'll call me at in an hour. I tell them that that's nearly 11 pm my time and I've already been putting things on hold for this video call. They say sorry again. At this point I have a hunch they're not going to call so I just go about my night. They never call and my follow-up doesn't happen. I email them the next day complaining and they say sorry and schedule me for an appoint a MONTH away. I just don't get why this is so hard for them. Just schedule people correctly and manage it. It's just a video call, I'm not sure why they wouldn't just make the time to call me the next day or even later that week. I would've been PISSED if I flew all the way out to Los Gatos and had to wait in the lobby for two hours. Oh well. Again, I'm happy with the results but its saddens me that they still have issues with customer service.
  3. Hey thanks for the reminder. I'd add more pics but honestly it looks exactly the same as my last update so I'm assuming I've reached the pinnacle of my growth. I've have a follow up with Diep next month. It's weird that there's a two month delay even for a virtual follow-up appointment. OVerall, I'm pretty satisfied with the procedure. I don't notice how bad things were until I look at old photos or my driver's license. I do wish I could have had more grafts taken out because my donor looks perfect and 500 or more so grafts to fill out the yellow area in this picture would have done wonders. So yeah I'll have to keep my hair low but it looks good. I think I'm a great candidate for a second transplant. I might consider Turkey this time since it's cheap, I have the donor supply, I don't need much done, and they have good results. The downside is that I have a second child on the way and there's no optimal timeline to travel and get it done considering all the issues with covid. I'm still taking Fin, even though I'm not sure it's doing anything. But I haven't had any sides so that's good. I might try again in 4-5 years. Hopefully prices drop and its even easier to get done. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Welcome to the community! You'll look back at this being one of the best decisions you've ever made. It does so much for your confidence. This is a good reminder to update my thread.
  5. I take fin 3x a week. Haven’t noticed anything good or bad. I don’t want to take Min because any gains require for you to be on it forever. It also irritates my scalp. I’ll just keep a low cut
  6. Been letting my hair grow out a bit more. I could still use some thickness in the mid crown and vertex but that has nothing to do with this transplant. Here’s a face on pic with the transplanted area circled in yellow.
  7. It’s pretty hard for me to tell with my donor. If I get a bald fade you might be able to see some slight scarring if you look close but it’s really not noticeable. I may in fact be a great healer tho. I grew up getting a lot of rough haircuts so my scalp isn’t tender at all. I’ll try to get a real close HD pic next time I get my hair faded that close. I was getting the occasional ingrown hair in the back of my head but even those have gone away
  8. I wouldn't be too alarmed at this. Unfortunately once you've gotten that far you're all in. Ironically my graft count came in lower and I got a small refund. I'm happy with my results. It's not perfect but that's not because of him, it's because I have additional thinning in my crown due to more diffuse hair loss. Nobody can see it if I wear my hair low. My hairline makes me look much younger. Ultimately that's what the goal was and it worked. I documented my results in my thread here: I will say that I have the benefit of thick curly hair that can mask a lot of thin areas. So my hairline looks 100% natural. I've even had friends make remarks such as, "It's unfair you still have your hairline." lol. I'm at 10 months, hoping to see some more progress in the next two months. I know I might now but if this is the end result, I would still say I'm happy. My only gripes with Diep were scheduling and communication. I do sometimes wonder if I could have gotten the same result at 1/6th the price in Turkey tho.
  9. Yeah I've seen a few threads about him on here. I won't lie, he uses a higher diameter punch than other places. My donor looked crazy after the surgery but it's healed 100%. Literally can't tell at all. My right temple was receding higher. I told Diep to put some grafts to fill in that area as well. So yeah I needed more on the right side.
  10. Donor area looks pretty clean. Look forward to seeing how it progresses
  11. Thanks, yeah I agree. The hair loss to transplant was kinda perfect in it's subtlety. Enough to make a different but not drastic to wear people definitely know I got something done. I haven't noticed anything with Fin tbh. I only take 1mg every other day though. I honestly don't think I needed to take it. If it stays like it is then I'll just keep my hair as-is. If I had more hairloss... maybe. I'm pushing 40 so I'm okay with not having dense hair all over. The good thing is my donor area is still ripe for more harvesting. But I doubt I get more work done tbh. Maybe 10 days for a hat. I honestly didn't wear a du rag for a couple of months. Even then I kept it loose.
  12. Honestly nobody can really tell. I didn't do a drastic transformation, it's only 1500 grafts and I had been keeping my hair pretty low to lessen the affect over the years. My own mother hasn't really noticed. 😂 All she's said is "You look good." The biggest benefit has been covid keeping everyone in the house. People haven't seen me in so long they've probably forgotten what it looks like. If anybody were to ask I'd just say I grew my hair out or hopped on medication. There was only one time, around month 4 when I was out and one of my female friends kept staring at me saying, "Something looks different. Did you lose weight?" I told her yes but she was skeptical, drew her eyes to my hair, and said "nah that's not it. It's something else. 🤔" I just shrugged my shoulders and she dropped it. But when I looked in the mirror right after there wasn't anything noticeable. The FUNNIEST scenario was when I was sitting around at the park talking with some guy friends and one of them goes, "It's not fair you still have your hairline." I'd honestly tell him if he was open to surgery. I've teased the topic and he laughed at the idea. The only thing I could imagine is someone goes through my IG photo history but like I said before, I didn't really take many pics without hats or with my head at an unflattering angle.
  13. Thanks. It's mostly just been getting thicker and more dense. I can still tell where the recipient area starts but that's mostly because I know my hair. The recipient area is just slightly less dense. The good news is that both types of hair are growing at the same rate. So when I cut it, it comes back even. I'm hoping that when I get closer to a year it will be completely indistinguishable. Best of luck with your progress! Getting your hair back is such a great feeling.
  14. Alright lads, time for a proper update. I realized that I was doing this thread a disservice by not posting proper before and after photos. I’m at 8 months and got my first professional haircut. The barber didn’t even notice I had a transplant. Before I post pics I want to reflect a bit... I realized I didn’t have many before photos because I hated seeing my hairline. So most of my photos are with hats on or from my good side. The most noticeable different is the front hairline. It’s like night and day. The confidence boost that comes with this is crazy. It’s worth every penny imo. I’m in my late 30s so being able to frame my face properly and look younger is amazing. finally, I still have some thinning in my right crown. That was evident before the transplant so it hasn’t changed. Overall I’m happy with the way things are. Like I said before I can just cut my hair lower. I don’t have any donor area damage so I have that luxury Let me know if you guys have any questions.
  15. Here’s a 7 month update. Not much has changed since last time. Like i said before, because of my diffuse thinning I can’t really show you guys a pic after weeks of growth.. i just look like a guy who’s balding with a hairline. Ironically I’ve been on fin since the transplant and it’s not really improving anything. I’d try minoxidil but it made my scalp red and itchy before. i have zero problems with the donor area besides some dryness and an ingrown hair every now and then. ive included a pic of me outside with the harshest photo filter so you can see the density difference. I’m hoping the front continues to get more density. Right now I can wear my hair cut low outside with no one the wiser, but if you look closely you can see the difference in density.
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