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  1. You can get generic Finasteride and propica through them but not proscar.
  2. Haha. Cheers mate. I might just give that a try..... I went for a free consultation almost a year ago and got quoted almost 8k for 2500 graphs. I know they sell generic Finasteride at 40 quid a month as they tried to sell it to me. Dunno how it would work having just had a HT in the past few weeks and it’s pretty obvious too.
  3. Who do you ask though mate if you had your HT in Turkey? I’ve been to my doctors to try and get a prescription for 5mg proscar from pharmacy2u and he wouldn’t as he said it was cosmetic and he didn’t know enough about it. I’m based in Manchester UK , tried everything. Been on generic Finasteride for 6 months but getting sides so wanted to try proscar 1.25 every other day. I did find one online supplier but he wanted 95 quid for a pkt of 28!!
  4. Completely agree. We all want the best things in life but you can only afford what you can afford. If it wasn’t for Turkey working class guys with a young family would never get the chance to get a HT.
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    Yes just what I thought, the practice probably couldn’t be arsed helping me with all the COVID going’s on. I explained I’d just had a Hair Transplant and It was something I needed. I’d done 6 months on generic Finasteride but suffered with a few sides as I explained to him. The reason I wanted to try Proscar was to try eliminate the sides but obviously he doesn’t care enough to help me.
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    Does anyone know where you can purchase Proscar in the UK? I found pharmacy2u stock it but you need a prescription. I contacted my GP and he said as it’s cosmetic we can’t give you a prescription because we don’t know much about it. can anyone help?
  7. I’m more than happy so far mate but yet I’ve got a long way to go.
  8. 10 days post procedure and most of the scabs are off now.
  9. As I said before you know a hell of a lot more than I do about HT and ok fair play to you with your results as you promote but I can understand a few of us getting the hump a little when you seem to slate a clinic “we’ve” visited and experienced.
  10. I can only go on things I’ve read on here. I’ve seen some fantastic results from Dr Cinik hence why I chose his as you call “Turkish hairmill”. Now you’ve probably forgotten more than I know about HT but I can only go on what I know are real reviews, Dr Cinik has had dozens of fantastic results as you’ve probably seen for yourself but you seem to have this hatred for his clinic or is it to put people off so you can promote the same names you always seem to come up with on your posts.
  11. I for one completely understand where Portugal25 is coming from and I also completely understand where krunchey is coming from but like I recently added to my thread if it wasn’t for places like Cinik’s then there would be no chance whatsoever I’d have never been able to have a HT. We all want the best things in life and like I added I’d have loved to been able to afford to visit one of the top surgeons out there but that was no way possible for me having a young family to support, ok it’s extremely early days for me and I’ve got a long road ahead but I can only go on what I’ve seen with my own eyes through doing my research on this forum and reading other people’s stories. I’m also guessing every surgeon out there has good and bad results, ok some more than others and I do understand you get what you pay for, but when reading the comments from those forum members on Cinik’s patent threads I’ve seen far much more positive then negative.
  12. Dr Cinik is open , I had FUE 4 days ago there.
  13. Got there for 9 and left about 6, but it didn’t feel so long.
  14. Yes I went with that package, a few changes made to his hairline as he initially had it too a point, but I wasn’t happy with that, thanks for your comments.
  15. 1hr after procedure 4200 graft in total 210 singles 2215 doubles 1314 triples rest of them are multiple grafts.
  16. Well I decided to have my HT with Dr Cinik due to the results and feedback from some of the forum’s members. Myself (42) and a good friend (44) traveled to Istanbul to have our procedures done on the 14th of July from Manchester UK , everything was pre organised via the clinic and we was put up in a lovely hotel 15min drive away from the clinic. The whole experience was very professional and Dr Cinik and his team did everything they could to make the procedure run a smoothly as possible. I just wanted to share my experience with you guys and maybe help those who can’t decide witch clinic to use when deciding on Turkey as their chosen destination for a HT. I know a lot of the forum members are not in favour of as they call “ Turkish Hair Mills “ but just like many more of you out there, my friend and I are just working class guys and can’t afford to go to the other side of the world and visit the top surgeons, fingers crossed the journey for me will be as successful as it’s been for many more of you guys. Any questions please feel free to drop me a message.
  17. Looks good pal, hope the procedure went well for you, I’m booked in at Cinik’s on Tuesday, reading your post helps the nerves, good luck with everything. just one question mate, what are the marks 15mm below your hairline? Paul.
  18. Hi Vpac. im kinda in the same boat as you, I’ve paid my deposit and just waiting for the UK quarantine to be lifted for coming home. I’ve got a date provisionally booked for the 10th of July but can be changed if need be, I’m sure the quarantine is going to be lifted on the 29th June so we’ll just have to sit tight for now.
  19. Looking good Bax, I certainly can’t believe your donor area as It looks like it hasn’t been touched. Roll on the UK travel quarantine being lifted and I’m on my way myself to see Dr Cinik.