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  1. Looking at month 3 and month 4 I can deff see a difference, but it seems patchy and sparse. Will I have a low yield? @Melvin-Moderator @BeHappy Give me them opinions guys..
  2. Month 4 Update: I am seeing new hair sprout as I checked my scalp today, but it's only maybe 5-6 new hairs I noticed today and that's all. The only place where I see all the hair grew is in the middle part while the sides/temples the rest of it is pretty sparse and patchy. Would you guys call this a botched hair transplant, or is it too early to say at 4 months? Let me know what you think..
  3. Since you're on a tight budget, for 3000e you could get 2400 grafts with Demirsoy, if you deem that enough.
  4. So is this an ad for hair expert clinic? Sounds like a hairmill clinic.. only costs 1700euro fixed price.
  5. Side effects are over-exaggerated. People with prostate problems take 5mg daily with no side effects, while some idiots write about terrible side effects while taking 1mg 3x a week, which is totally not true, and even if it is, it's due to their psyche, and not the actual drug istelf. I mean the people that take it for prostate problems ingest 35mg a week while for hair loss it's recommended to take 3-7mg per week, so talking about side effects due to drug concentration in serum is preposterous. So the dosage is quite low to actually have any side effects, and in terms of hair growth, you shou
  6. It doesn't even matter what any doctor shows on his website or youtube channel. We all know all of them always use their best results. The problem at hand is the regular individual like @Dadda whose donor area was unevenly extracted due to lack of timing or whichever reason it was, whose fue donor area he definitely will not post on his youtube channel or website. That's why we have forums like these.
  7. Strange pattern of donor extraction imho. It may look uneven later if u wear your hair short on the back.
  8. After 6 months pass from my HT, I was also thinking about getting SMP, to conceal the scalp.
  9. Mother nature is never fair. Life isn't fair. Let's not call a virus unfair. It doesn't really choose who it gets to infect. If you ask the virus, it'd probably like to infect everyone alive, animals and humans alike
  10. I heard it was supposed to be a bit faster since I had PRP? Or that doesn't matter too much?
  11. 3 Months Post-OP: There is some new growth happening, albeit, it is sparse and patchy. I believe growth is not supposed to be uniform, so I am hoping the spaces between the growth will fill in with new hairs. I am not sure if my growth is too slow since I had PRP just before the procedure, and there is a bit more growth on one side than on the other, especially at the hairline. The transplanted area was completely bald before hair transplant. Thoughts for 3 months post OP with PRP? Is it too slow? What do you think?? Help would be appreciated guys.
  12. They noticed by year 4, since I had the regular teen fashionable comb-over so it wasn't really noticable up until that point. The wind blowing was quite an enemy of mine. They didn't make a big deal out of it though, so I thank them for that. My dad was fully bald at 22, so atleast I am losing my hair a bit slower than he is.
  13. 2nd year of high school, I was 15 at the time. I always liked my hair cut short to around a 3mm buzz cut, and thats when I noticed it in the mirror. Lack of hair on my temples, going in the typical hair loss pattern shape. Didn't think of it much at the time since I liked to wear my hair short anyways, but once I switched to longer hair and hairstyles, it ruined me
  14. Yeah that's not true at all. All the men of my mother's family have full heads of hair even at 70, but everyone at my dad's side is bald and so am I.
  15. I'm sure he wont lack the money to fix it.
  16. You should have online consultations with a few and let us know what they told u. You can try Eugenix INDIA, HLC Ankara, Dr. Bruno Ferreira, Dr. Koray Erdogan, to name a few.
  17. Most people here will say first get on hair-loss medication to stabilize the hair loss (stop your hairs from miniaturizing) before getting a procedure. You CAN do that, but you don't have to. I will however suggest that you try. It's not like you'll get new hairs from the medication, but you can stop what you have left from falling off. The real questions are; what are your goals, what do you want to do, how big of a budget do you have, and are you okay with traveling to other countries?
  18. I'm working, since I work as a med tech in my capital's main hospital. Actually have more work than before the virus breakout, so.. it's not all fine and dandy for everyone
  19. "The new device, which we use in this technique, is a special punch, called hex-punch. In this presentation the anatomy of hex-punch will be presented. The hexagonal shaft induces skin vibrations while entering the skin. The unique tip shape of this dull punch improves follicular extraction. The advantages of this technique in harvesting hair are profound: easy extraction, increased speed in collecting grafts, lower percentage of trans-sections, proper depth entry into the skin, ease of learning. Our results after using hex-punch are rate of trans-sections: 2-4% and speed of the extraction: 75
  20. I've got for you guys a photo of my crown and donor area just so u have an idea what it looks like. Didn't do anything on crown, just did frontal and temples. Crown seems to be thicker in the centre and much more miniaturized around the vertex. Thoughts on donor?
  21. Amazing answer! Thank you very much for the explanation. It makes a lot of sense. So there is still a chance of new hair growing out of these follicles. Awesome!
  22. Here, got one out for medical purposes xD. Won't be doing it anymore, I just want to leave them be and I suppose theyll shed or grow when they're ready. I would also like to know why this happens, is it dead grafts due to inexperienced implantation, or just follicles shocked/deeply asleep because being out of the head for so long. If they tell you why it happens, I'd like you to let me know..
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