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  1. “Between the hairline and the eyebrows” I’ve had this side effect and the hairs went away after stopping minoxidil. i can clearly see in the image of your temples and eyebrow on page 10 you’ve got the same exact thing I had. The hair is noticeable and it looks like the temple it connected to your eyebrow.
  2. I hear since it’s a vasodilator it’s not good to take in orally. Also any proof of patients getting results?
  3. It’s still 120rs per grafts the only thing that they’ve done is introduce a higher price if you want Dr Sethi to be involved a lot more and do your hairline, other than that the examples you see on this site usually say ‘led by Dr Arika’.
  4. Funny you say that because I myself have Retrograde Alopecia in the exact same place 😂, best way to blend it and make it completely unnoticeable is to get a fade. I thought that this would cause some concern when it came to the actual transplant. I was more interested in the main donor image (taken right from the back) to see if there are noticeable patches.
  5. *Watch 2:40 onwards on the 2nd video to see his hairline without toppik.* Yeah this British reviewer says it all had a surgery with asmed and received a patchy seethrough hairline, received a top up of 1602 grafts which in itself is some people’s whole transplant procedure but for this guy it was a ‘top up’. Hoped the top up would fix the hairline but it didn’t, so for you guys wondering if you should take up the top up offer I’d think otherwise . Btw I’ve been watching this guys videos for a while and it seems he has deleted some videos showing his progress. *HE WEARS TOPPIK ON HIS HAIRLINE FOR THE VIDEOS* Choosing a right surgeon is like walking a minefield especially when you are confused by the increase of negative reviews. I myself am still deciding on who to go with and I understand every surgeon will have some bad results but when it’s getting more and more common as it is with Asmed then it’s only natural to cause concern to people looking to invest 4x-7x more than the standard surgeon in Europe. Overall I’m not saying Asmed don’t do good results (they have some of the best ones I’ve seen) but I’ve been seeing a drop in quality and an increase in transection on different forums lately.
  6. Donor hair looks patchy but front looks good so far. I’ve seen some patients who only keep their donor short after surgery to not make the patchiness obvious.
  7. Donor looks untouched even after thousand of extractions which could be due to the small sized punches that asmed use (from 0.6mm - sapphire tools). Like others have said before there is a day and night difference from before to now as you literally shed years off, to be fair there is always room for improvement but so far it’s looking good!
  8. Interested in knowing if buzzing down to 1 would show obvious signs of scarring since the punch sizes used in eugenix are 0.9-1.0mm.
  9. Hi was the 0.7mm punch size also used on the scalp or was a larger punch size used? I’d love to see a side by side of the donor areas before/current to see any visible differences btw everything seems to be looking good!