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  1. I’d think twice about getting a 2nd hair transplant at asmed if they couldn’t even get the right density for 5000 GRAFTS, I mean get that into your head 5000. ignore the guys that say “yeah it looks great 😁” just being honest here like the few others, you didn’t get what you spent above the odds in Turkey for and you are CLEARLY aware of it and so is Asmed hence the offer for a revise. this guy had the exact same issue as yourself and was recommended a 2nd op by asmed and it still turned out whack, watch his videos. In Turkey Cinik is well known but his donor work isn’
  2. I’d like to see how the scars would look like with a number one on the sides and back or even a 0.5. you have a similar skin/hair contrast to myself and I also get the same haircut 😄.
  3. Liking the temple peak progress! Did you notice major results at the 2 month mark?
  4. Could you share an image of your donor before the procedure but when you had short hair is possible. That way we could compare the changes of how much patching has happened.
  5. Taking it 3x a week at 1mg as recommended by the hairloss show. Initially took it for a month nearly 2 years ago and noticed sides within a month. I’m on month 2 and no sides. Fin stays in the body tissue for a few days.
  6. There’s having scars which we all know comes with the territory of having an FUE which I mentioned in my previous comment and then there having a patchy moth eaten looking donor, 2 huge different things. Yes I understand different characteristics affect how the donor will look such as skin and hair colour and the contrast as I’ve been looking into this stuff for a while. My main point is that I believe that using a larger punch does obviously cover more surface area leading to a larger scar and if it’s done in the thousands then you get what I mean. No matter what the specific Dr tri
  7. There you go. A huge reason for FUE is that your able to keep your hair quite short. Why is it that some clinics such as Asmed, HLC and Pekiner have great donors after thousands of grafts being extracted? Yes there are scars but they are barely visible and well hidden, they don’t wave a magic wand or anything I believe it’s just up to the punch size and how the grafts are extracted. Check the link: https://www.dermhairclinic.com/best-punch-size-fue-hair-restoration/ there have also been a few studies.
  8. I just had a read of your previous thread on eugenix being put up as a IHRP member and someone put up a donor image of a patient with a clearly depleted donor, looking at this patient here it seems that there is obvious patching even with just over 3k grafts taken (with hair grown out). Im wondering if this is due to the size of the punch used since Eugenix have told me over WhatsApp and email that they use 0.95mm for scalp and 0.8 only for beard, I’ve read on this and have seen certain clinics say that they would never go above a 0.8 as it causes more trauma and it clearly covers mor
  9. I’ve seen an interview with dr Pradeep and Joe where he goes that the DHT method along with the no root touch technique has resulted in quite a few early growers in their clinic.
  10. Is #1 the shortest you usually go for? Looking at you hair and the recipient I think you’d def suit a #0.5. Looks good BTW!
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