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  1. Amazing result, average person would never notice that scar.
  2. Looks fine to me, even people who haven't had transplants don't have perfect donors.
  3. You trying to be a lego man? Red line would be a worse look. Search on youtube for Celebrity Hair Transplant Disasters - The Kyle Christie Effect - Part 1 for someone that did something similar. Green would look ok but maybe stick to meds and get what you have stabilized
  4. You look like SMP would really work for you as your fue scars are pretty good providing you went to the right smp practitioner. The issues you are worried about are when people go to a tattoo artist to get smp instead of a specialist, temporary smp needs top ups but no danger of it changing to a blue or a green. Whereabouts in the UK are you? I got mine done by SMPbyMARCUS which hurt but I got good coverage, Brandwood clinic has good rep and Damon Ashcroft is well recommended. When i got mine done for FUT/FUE needed to be 3 sessions separated by 10 days apart. Then top ups ever
  5. If im not to late Could we have Dr Arochas opinion on FUE donor shock loss, some say it only really affects FUT patients but I feel its more prevalent in FUE cases than is given credit for.
  6. I had mine done at Eugenix and im happy with it. But this reads like West says like a fake review that has badly used google translator. Why risk undermining the good results and credibility.
  7. Personally dont think you need a hair transplant, you have a similar hairline to Phillip Coutinho and im guessing a pretty good looking guy. That hairline looks like a KSL one. The curve is femine and having coarse hair next to temple hair wouldnt look right, So if I was you knowing what I do know now, it would probably be worth looking at different hairstyles. A hair transplant feels like it opens up new hair styles but it doesnt it actually restricts how you have your hair. Faded look might not work after a hair transplant even a small one. Just remember any celebrity gets a free
  8. Tbh it looks really good to me already, a few passes of smp might finish it off nicely.
  9. Looks a really good idea. Guessing anyone outside India can't buy till this covid situation sorts it self out as everything on Ebay from India looks on hold.
  10. Looks a really thin scar, you planning to smp donor or leave as is?
  11. Is your donor ok when you hair is cut short? Hairline is lacking density looks like 1500-2000 grafts instead of 4500. You look like you had the hair characteristics for a really killer result. I don't think this result is acceptable for the amount of grafts you paid for Design wise I seem to the only one who thinks they have done the right design just basically mimicked what you already had. In the short term the spiked hairstyle really isnt doing you are favours, when you had more of a swept hair style (Pic 9/10) suited you much better. With perhaps some hair fillers or equivalent
  12. As others have said Caucasians in particular don't have set hairlines. Your Temple points (Side triangles) are fine and you would have to see the very best surgeons to even try and attempt replicating temple points. Essentially you have a broad face shape, which is why you consider than your temple points look off. Now your hairline may be a little high (To me it looks fine)however without a full face picture we couldn't definitively tell. The only option you have is lowering your hairline and you have the right hair colour to get a decent result, thought its doubtful any ethical s
  13. I had 1200 grats at the same place and yeah I have a halo effect, worst part is that some has been taken in a line. Though yours had significantly improved since you first posted. With FUE i thought shock loss was normally nearly always in the native hairs not donor. Already looking for smp providers in the uk to cover the halo effect Think lesson is pay for the top package and in my case I should have had donor shaved.
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