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  1. There is the photo in natural light also. I put the photo in a car to show my friend whom I sent there for surgery and whose photos I will also share. We took that photo on the way to the airport. There is another photo in natural light that shows the result
  2. Hi guys, I made a pic of my crown and wanted to show. My crown was absolutely bald before so you can check my result.
  3. Hey, I also did HT in Bellus Clinic. Nice results, really one of the best results I have ever seen. Is your head fully covered? Because your baldness was large for 5500 grafts to cover them. But really front looks amazing. Can you show your crown? How does it look right now?
  4. Hi All, I am Dima from Russia, 32 years old. I faced balding in my early 20s. First the frontal line went up and then my crown start balding. So the classic story of hair loss. At the age of 27 I already was with a bald crown and temples. I started to research about hair transplant, but first I asked in local clinics, they gave me very high prices, which I could not afford, also I started to read the reviews and all the positive reviews were without photos, just negatives with photos and I even contacted some real people from my country who did in Russia and their results looked
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