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  1. There is the photo in natural light also. I put the photo in a car to show my friend whom I sent there for surgery and whose photos I will also share. We took that photo on the way to the airport. There is another photo in natural light that shows the result
  2. Hi guys, I made a pic of my crown and wanted to show. My crown was absolutely bald before so you can check my result.
  3. Hey, I also did HT in Bellus Clinic. Nice results, really one of the best results I have ever seen. Is your head fully covered? Because your baldness was large for 5500 grafts to cover them. But really front looks amazing. Can you show your crown? How does it look right now?
  4. Hi All, I am Dima from Russia, 32 years old. I faced balding in my early 20s. First the frontal line went up and then my crown start balding. So the classic story of hair loss. At the age of 27 I already was with a bald crown and temples. I started to research about hair transplant, but first I asked in local clinics, they gave me very high prices, which I could not afford, also I started to read the reviews and all the positive reviews were without photos, just negatives with photos and I even contacted some real people from my country who did in Russia and their results looked ugly, really bad donor zone and unnatural hair. At some point I lost hope, like if it will look so ugly after transplant why should I pay for it, better get used to my bald head. But I saw a photo on instagram from hair transplant hashtag, it was posted by a clinic in Turkey called Bellus Clinic, I went to their page and saw a lot of people from Russia, interviews, results. I know clinics post best photos not showing the reality, so I never believe just to photos, so I told a consultant, her name was Anna, if it would be possible to contact some people whose results are posted on their page to contact them directly. She asked me to wait for 1 hour so she can contact her patients and ask for permission before she can share their numbers. I first thought it was an excuse and she would disappear but she really sent me like 10-15 numbers of Russian speaking people in 1 hour. I did not contact all of them, I talked with couple of guys and it was enough for me, I called them via video call and saw their results were real. I asked them a lot of questions, all of them confirmed I could trust the clinic so I already start to think about transplant seriously. I started to research about transplant in Turkey and understood most of clinics work without doctor, one guy on net told me to ask the clinic for diploma and pics of actual doctor, because they can send you a diploma of whoever and another person can do your transplant, you will never know, you go to different country, without knowing their language. So I asked Anna to send me diploma, she sent me the diploma of dr Kurshat and also his photos, so I got calmer. And the best thing is dr Kurshat speaks fluent English, so I could explain to him everything directly when I was already in a clinic. So I decided to go there, sent Anna my ticket, when I reached at the airport we met and went with a car directly to the clinic. As my flight was in the morning I wanted to end everything in the first day. So I reached Istanbul on 17.12.2018 I met dr Kurshat at the clinic, he started consultation, when we discussed all the topics and he answered all my questions they took a blood test and then shaved my head. And we started. Anna was saying before the anesthesia can be painful so I was nervous, but frankly speaking it did not feel painful but of course it was not pleasant, but not so painful I expected. First they collected the grafts, the another anesthesia and after that dr started to open the channels. He is a very pleasant man, around 1 hour he was opening the channels and we were talking. Then I had a dinner and some rest, then the techs started to transplant the grafts and it was finished. I think everything took like 8-9 hours approximately. Then the guys took me to the hotel, explained how to sleep and etc. On the third day they took off the band and washed my head, dr Kurshat met me again to see how everything is going. After that they took me to the airport. So I had been transplanted around 4500 grafts on my frontal part and crown. It was FUE, I paid approximately 2000$, as the price was 1800eu I think it makes around 2000 in dollars. And it was everything included, like hotel, transportation, medications, vitamins, spray, shampoo and all these things. During one year I was in touch with Anna and Ali, the consultants of the clinic, especially first 4 months I think they hated me )) Because it is the period when the hair were falling and not growing and I was going crazy eally, I know everybody explained it to me before but I was nervous. After 5th month my head changed very fast. on the 6th month I already had good result, especially on frontal part, the crown grows slower, the people who did HT they know it. So I relaxed at last. On September I sent my friend also there for hair transplant. He was making fun of me first but when he saw my changes he also wanted, but his head was much balder then mine, just his head is very small) they did 5000 grafts to him, so we wait ow fo his results, when he gets any I wll also post his photos. I dont have any before photo as I was always wearing a cap, but you will understand with my photos from the period when hair fell how my bald head looked. Later I will do some photos of crown and post here. Now I ll add the photos from computer. The last photo is me with my friend on the same day he was leaving to Bellus Clinic for his HT and I was dropping him at the airport. Later I will post him also.