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  1. I have spoke to several surgeons and received different graft suggestions ranging from 1200 to 2800. Looking at pictures of similar hairlines and surgeries I would say 1500 seems more reasonable. Has anyone negotiated the number of grafts received? Is this common? How would I even bring i up? My concerns are the following: 1. I have a very short haircut and am concerned what my donor area would look like. I am a bit hesitant to have lots of grafts taken out. Since this is my first time. 2. I have a suspicion that some centers just want to make money and aim for higher grafts. I notice some centers round up or down based on their scheduling for the day 3. How do you know if the surgeon was honest in the number of grafts that was implanted? 4. I have asian hair which is a bit thinner. Do surgeons make assessments on hair based on other ethnicities? 5. Are centers giving discounts in light of covid?
  2. Anyone here scheduled to get a hair transplant or was planning one for 2020? Since the lockdowns, what are your thoughts now? Will you still be planning to get one? How has your decision changed? If you are still going through with it, when (how many months from now) do you think it will happen?
  3. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55830-thinking-of-getting-a-hair-transplant-fue-how-many-grafts-would-i-need/?tab=comments#comment-528169 Hi, thanks for the advice. I had posted some pics in the link earlier. I just wanted some hair in the front hairline, some reinforcement in the front center and front sides. How long would you suggest being on finasteride after the transplant? thanks
  4. I am a candidate for a hair transplant but i dont want to use finasterade or minoxadil. A surgeon told me that the transplanted hair would create a shock loss to my existing hair and speed up hair loss to existing hair. Is this true? What happens in shock loss? Is there any way to mitigate shock loss without finasterade or minoxadil?
  5. Thats a good point and it is cause of concern. I am afraid of taking too much hair from the donor area. But I also feel I have mild thining in the front. So I just wanted something balanced. I am turning 40 years old and it was a slow thinning since age 23 or so. How much more thin can i get at age 55 or so? I added pics of today after i got a haircut. 1.5 buzz. I don't want to use Fin from the side effects tbh.
  6. Thanks, what do you mean by "hair fibers"? When I come out of the shower, my crown can look kind of thin but my hairstyle covers it up. The top/crown has never really been dense as I have always had less dense hair. I dont want to lower the center hairline, just add some density. I do want to lower hairline on the front sides as in the second to last pic
  7. Thanks, I don't want to go lower on the hairline, I just wanted to reinforce the center a bit and fill in the sides (second to last picture circled). My hair has never had that much volume per square inch. Its always been thin. However, in recent years ive been losing some hair on the front sides. Do you think 2k is alot? That could be up to 6k hairs. But probably 2-6k hairs on those follicles.
  8. Hey i usually get 1.5 but maybe in the pic that has grown in a bit. Do you think the donor area will look bare with a short buzz in the back at 1.5?
  9. I am thinking of getting a hair transplant. From my research a FUE would be more ideal as there is less scarring. I am 40 years old and always had thin hair. I attempted to go on monoxidil but got bad side effects from it. I will not go on propecia because of those effects as well. I have been using natural methods such as essential oils and ketoconazle shampoo for the past year. What I want to accomplish from the HT is really in the front hairline. I wanted to fill in the sides (bringing down the hairline on the sides) as well as provide some reinforcement in the center to provide more volume (the hairliine is fine here). How many grafts would be recommended? Is my donor area sufficient? I also have a very short haircut, would the donor area look very thin afterwards? I appreciate your help. thanks
  10. thanks everyone for your advice. What is artas robot and why is it not good?
  11. Just wondering if anyone tried /know of anyone who tried Dr Wise in NJ for FUE? Would appreciate any advice. thanks!