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  1. I just had FUE 3000 grafts. I’m a very active person-running and working out..wondering how long i should wait to resume? The doctor said 9 days but i just wanted to get your opinions as well. It took me a while to save for the surgery so it was a huge deal for me and i want to be safe. also the stubby brittle feeling of the new grafts... how long did that last for those that have had HT? does anyone use any kind of oils on their scalp post ht?
  2. Yes! I found him through this forum a few members recommended him. So far I’m very pleased with everything.
  3. No, he didn’t recommend nor have i ever taken either. i have wondered, for upkeep, about using the irestore helmet that keeps getting advertised. Anyone here used that before?
  4. They gave me a couple days worth of painkillers and since i asked to be sedated i had some valium left over that I’m taking before bed to help me sleep. today is 3 days since surgery and it’s not too painful... the donor area is most sore. My forehead swells up but i just use some ice packs.
  5. Added photos above. I’m 38 and started losing hair in my early 20s. I tried wearing a hair piece for about 1 year but was too much maintenance.
  6. How long did it take for you to heal? Did you wear a cap at all? I’m a bit worried about going outside in the sun. Do you use any special products or supplements?
  7. Any tips for first week of recovery?
  8. Pre surgery and 2 days post surgery. 2500 on front hairline and 500 on crown. Dr. Vories was easy to work with and explained every step pre, during, and post. Inly pain i felt was when he was initially numbing my hy head but besides that it’s easier than getting a tattoo. i did choose to get light sedation since ive never had any type of surgery before. I think it did help pass time a little faster. only thing I experienced after was a light fever and chills for a couple hours after i got home.
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. I ended up going with Carolina Hair Surgery. 3000 FUE did front hairline and added density to crown area.
  10. Thank you! That’s very helpful. I just started researching so this is all new to me. Dr Vogel and Lindsey seem to be the closest to me and recommended on here.
  11. Capri in Philadelphia 4.75 Maxim hair restoration 4.50 the reviews don’t seem bad from either. the place in MD I’m setting up a consultation is “Natural Transplants” but they didn’t give me a quote yet.
  12. Thanks- just trying to get an idea of what is normal. The 2 inquiries i made were pricing FUE at 4.75- Philadelphia and 4.50 -NJ. I only had the consultation in Philadelphia but have scheduled one in NJ and another one in MD.
  13. I would be curious too... looking for someone within NJ-PA-MD
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