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  1. @LaserCap - Yup, you are right and yeah I did come across that stressing leads to more hair shedding and aggravates MPD. I am gonna do what u say,...take photos every 6 months and compare them to further analyse. Once again, thank you so much...much appreciate coming from a fellow person!
  2. Thank you so much @Melvin-Moderator @LaserCap @transplantedphil for replying. Now that you guys think it is maturing hairline, when should I start worrying for balding? Like maturing hairline looks like Stage 2 of Norwood scale right? And one more thing, is it possible to look at the tiny hairs growing in the place of fallen hair? I am trying with the camera flashlight in the mirror on the edges of front scalp but cannot see. Also there seems to be too much gap between the hairs on the front scalp. You can see in the pic 2. Is it normal? I know, I am just freaking out and being paranoid for no reason 😢
  3. Just a background: I am 26 year old male. Nobody from my father or mother side are bald. My father though has recession towards the temples but it remained there and didn't recede further till his passing away. My grandfathers from both side turned bald with age naturally like after turning 60. I have checked by crown and there is no bald patch. Also, overall on the head there doesn't appear to be any thinning. A week ago (10 days to be precise) the barber gave me a really bad haircut - i told him to cut small, and well, he cut my hairs too small. And now my temples are visible and I am now afraid (read: paranoid) that I am going bald. How much hair I loose everyday: When I shampoo, which is everyday, I loose about 5-10 strands every time. But after wards, throughout the day, I barely see hair strands here and there. Currently, its winter where I am from and so I have got a bit of dandruff, so by the end of the day when I return from office, I start seeing random 2-3 strands of hair here and there. But I am pretty sure, I never loose hair in large chunks/clumps anytime. However, the day when I don't bathe, like during weekends I completely skip the bathing on both days, and then when I shampoo on Monday, I get like 14-15 hair strands. This completely freaks me out. Also, on the weekends, if I don't bathe, random strands are more prominently visible here and there (like 2-3 on pillow, 4-5 on the bed throughout the day and so on). This has been freaking me out like hell. Am I loosing too much hair, or this is normal number of hair fall? Please find attached the photos. 3 photos are from present day. 1 photo (old.jpg) is from before the hair cut. Last photo is the old one. Given these photos and information above, here are my two questions: 1. Do I have a Maturing Hairline or Male Pattern Baldness? 2. Is the amount of hair I am loosing normal? 3. If you notice carefully in 1st or 2nd pic, there seems to be large gap between hair strands. Is this normal? Or is this visible right now because my hair is short? Thank you guys in advance!