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  1. If you are ok with your hairline put the rest of the donor to the mid-scalp. Doing a crown is a risky thing 50/50 IMO. Crown is like a black hole and with just ~1500 grafts it won't be as noticeable as putting them on the mid-scalp.
  2. 4 MONTH POST OP. I have more and more doubts about work of my 25 and 28 years old technicians...various or wrong angles in some parts and double grafts in hairline. Also what do you think guys about my grow progress? I think i'm one of the slow gorwers.
  3. You live in Canada, right? So IMHO situation is clear...go with H&W! You would feel better with cash in hand and actual hairline or spend that money and have HT in the best clinic in the whole f* world and be able to say "I did what i could"? Don't waste your grafts. Good luck!
  4. i don't know if it's worth to buy this one from amazon. Did you see the gradients?...milk, fish etc. what for? it should be only saw palmetto berries. I have the 540mg one from swanson. Can you send a photo of the one from the clinic?
  5. and the worst is the f** pain in donor area. I can't sleep without taking a painkiller tablets. Is it normal?
  6. sorry for the delay in posting. Totally transplanted 2600 grafts. Posting a photo with results just after the operation, next one on 16.01. I have a question to you guys. How long did you wait for all the scabs fly down?
  7. Hi all, i'm 25 years old male with NW3A. I will not describe why i decided to do an operation because all of us knows the problem and have more or less the same feelings abt losing hair Now the facts abt operation and my medicine regimen: I have scheduled operation at dr. Cinik's clinic at 16th of December. Decided to choose an exclusive package and additional needle free anesthetic which cost me +250eur. The plan is to transplant 2500 grafts but i will request to increase this to 3000 grafts...will see what dr. Cinik say abt my case. My drug regimen: - Biotin - Zink
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