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  1. Do you have any before pictures that actually show hair loss? Your before picture looks similiar to your after...
  2. Could be your native hairs shedding. Your post indicates you aren't on fin.
  3. Small sample size, but Erdogan's recent results (>mid-2019) seem to be a lot better than before.
  4. Hi, I wanted to gauge some opinions on Erdogan since he seems to be a divisive figure here. I realize a few patients of his who had a surgery with him a few years ago were dissatisfied, but this seemed to occur starting around 2016. So I want to ask patients who were performed on by Erdogan in late 2018 or later: are you satisfied with your results? Include pics if you can.
  5. Be extremely cautious of Erdogan. He used to be legendary but his recent results have been disastrous.
  6. I recently got quoted by H&W for about 3000 grafts, and won't lie, it's so expensive! But this isn't a surgery you want to cheap out on. Using their own calculator, a FUT surgery would run me about $13k while a FUE runs $22k. A 9k difference is no joke. They recommended me for FUE, but said I was a suitable candidate for either method. I'm seriously considering FUT mostly because of the insane price difference, but I had a couple of concerns: If I grow my hair long anyway (scar isn't a worry), is there any reason I should get FUE over FUT? Because the research I've done tells me that doing FUT first will give you more grafts to work with over your lifetime should you need future surgeries. My research also seems to suggest FUT has a *very slight* advantage over FUE in terms of graft survival. I heard some people can feel skin tightness near the scar for the rest of their lives. Is this true? I have a scar elsewhere on my body from an unrelated past surgery and the skin texture feels different around the scar and it's uncomfortable when I touch it. Will this be the same case for the scar that would be on my head? I like getting my head scratched from behind, courtesy of my girlfriend, and I wouldn't want the scar to feel uncomfortable/weird when getting it scratched. Thanks for the answers and I hope we can all get our transplants after this corona stuff is over with.
  7. And to think I almost pulled the trigger with them. I'm now going with H&W. They're more expensive, but any cosmetic surgery isn't something you wanna save money on. Sorry about this subpar result.