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  1. I have an in-person consultation with H&W on January 6th. Flying all the way from the east coast and paying the $100 consultation fee. Worth it imo. I’m confident H&W will steer me in the right direction being how ethical & experienced they are, not to mention have the talent to repair the donor and recipient.
  2. Thanks everyone for chiming in. After reading some mixed responses I’m still on the fence on how to approach this. I don’t know how to weigh the benefits of disclosing the doctors name verse not disclosing the doctors name. I spent over $18,000 on the procedure. $10k of it was cash and the other $8k was financed through a lender recommended by his own clinic. This does not include airfare flying across the country, and hotel fees I paid out of pocket for. Before making this entire thread, my initial hopes was to at least get a 2-3 thousand dollar refund from the doctor, but after speaking with him on the phone and his only offer of 500 free grafts on top of quoting $12k for repair was his only recourse, was what made me decide to make this thread and get others input. Ultimately I don’t want to be out $18k+. I already know I’m going to have to pay another 18k minimum again by going to another doctor to repair this mess. I’m now scared at the thought of returning to him for repair work even if he miraculously offers a 5000 graft repair free of charge. And quite frankly I learned a lot more about my transplant on this thread than i did over the phone with the doctor a few a weeks ago in October. (when he offered free 500 grafts to fix the area where the inconclusive “necrosis” area was.)
  3. Entitled to a response?? I sent him these exact pictures and he offered me 500 free fue grafts and proceeded to quote me $12,000 to get it looking “perfect” with no mention of any of the questionable flaws in the photos I sent and described to him... Not only did he not question the flaws i mentioned/presented, he didn’t offer any surgical plan or approach to get the best possible outcome possible for the second surgery. He wanted to “fix” this right off the jump with a 2000 graft fue procedure - which in reality might be the worst course of action being that i have a terrible stretched strip scar. Unprofessional and irresponsible.
  4. Immediate post op photos (sorry not the best angles and close up detail) also included is pictures of my strip scar closure roughly 20 days after the surgery. which I thought looked very strange. I didn’t know tricho closure method left a flap like skin overlapping another. Unless the doctor used a different closure method?
  5. My exact thought process. Couldn’t have said it better. I’m pretty bummed at the thought of having to have to go through another strip scar/scar revision procedure. Had this first surgery been a successful 4100 fut procedure, my next plan was to finish up the crown with surgery 2 via FUE for a game set match. Unfortunately that course of action is derailed. Hoping i can get this mess at least repaired in one procedure. Feel like I need a miracle doctor: Thanks a lot! And well said - Agreed 1000% I’m waiting on my final consult/hair evaluation with him before I decide to disclose his name publicly. Feel free to message me If you would like to know. Thanks Melvin. Whole heartedly agree with you. I just feel extra cornered being that my case I’m dealing with is the combination of a failed donor and recipient area. Where as most failed cases it’s the patient dealing with just one failed area and not the other. (I could be wrong tho). I have to take extra precaution in how I am going to approach this next procedure. This takes a toll on ones mental and financial well being if things go wrong. And the last thing I want, is to be 3 or 4 surgeries in just trying to repair the first one. (That’s if my donor area And finances let me get that far) . Regardless, i appreciate you shedding light on the truth of the matter of these scenarios, making it known that there are harsh realities in this industry and regardless of skill, nothing is guaranteed. Thanks again for the words of encouragement.
  6. You already know which doctor this is? I feel like he does have talent but rushes through his work/patients imo. (Terrible) Will upload some for you later tonight. Gotta look through old photos. doctors involvement: I Can’t say for certain as I was knocked out for 95% of the procedure. Only time i was awake was when my lunch arrived (ate that and fell back asleep) and towards the home stretch of surgery. I have a strong gut feeling he was not involved much. But that’s just my gut feeling. I do remember waking up for a few seconds at the end of the surgery, right as the technician was putting in the last few grafts, and the doctor walking in and saying “how are things going?” To which she replied “good, just getting the last few grafts in”. After that he walked out and I fell asleep again. not sure if this leads to my suspicions of him not being present at all during my procedure, but I do know he was also performing an FUE procedure on a totally different patient the same day as my operation. I was caught off guard the day i found out he performed two surgeries in one day. As I thought this doctor focused on only one surgery/patient per day. After learning about this I feel as if he allowed technicians to perform the entire surgery themselves with no oversight by him, with the only exception being that he of course did the extraction of the strip scar - but that’s it. I strongly feel he was more focused and devoted his entire day on the FUE patient instead of mine that day. I surely do have different texture on my scalp now. It’s still faintly red with a scaley and matte and ridged surface texture. Even more noticeable being that there is a lack of hair density and gaps everywhere. I want to say there is some very minimum bump patterns as well. Can see this clearly in bright lighting . Any lighting really , minus darker or low lit rooms/area where it doesn’t immediately grab the causal eye.
  7. With the contract I signed, I feel that I am at a dead end to what I can do as far as taking him to court. Going to re read the contract and see what my options are however. I agree and will most likely do so. Am just waiting to have my one last phone appointment with him to see if he will at least grant me some sort of refund. If he refuses to be accommodating or emphasizes that his free 500 fue grafts is the best he can do, then I will be right back on this site to disclose his name and make sure people are aware of his bad practice/ethics.
  8. Hey guys. Long story short, I went to a well known doctor on the west coast US (who’s name I will not disclose for now, at least until I get some proper advice and approach on how to make the best out of my unfortunate circumstance.) and committed to a FUT procedure to where 4100 grafts were extracted. My surgery date was December 10th of 2018. I’m currently a week shy from the 1 year mark and my results are very poor. The last few months have been very disappointing for me, especially since I was so optimistic going into the procedure on day 1 and very confident in my decision to go with this doctor after 2 FaceTime pre op consultations and following his stellar and what seemed to be consistent work that he displayed on his YouTube channel. I’m going to start off with an event that occurred exactly 14 days post operation. Below this post will be graphic images from said event. Day of the actual procedure went very smooth and the typical standard wonderful experience we all read about described by first timers. Fast forward 14 days after my operation: I noticed a deep wound sinking below the surface of the skin/scalp. This was noticed as scabs fell off and peeled away in the shower. Upon examining in the mirror, I noticed some scabs were more stubborn than others. However, on the front of my hairline were one or two larger scabs that were somewhat rigid yet getting ready to fall off. These scabs were also very soft on the perimeter edges of said scabs. With just lightly lifting up on those soft edges is where i noticed the initial wounds on the scalp surface. At the time, the way I described it to myself was that it looked like a “crater”. (Little did i know of the term necrosis however) Immediately upon discovery, feelings of immense worry and a pitted stomach followed, and I quickly called the clinic, to which they told me to email them photos of said issue. (Photos below which are a little graphic due to scabs, flesh and antibiotic cream.) after emailing them photos, i received a phone call from the doctor himself informing me of the bad news. With resentment in the tone of his voice, he informed me the frontal part of my scalp had went though necrosis and diagnosed me with such. He offered to fix this specific area for free via FUE method once the time had come in a year when the area of the scalp had fully healed. Even with the offer of free repair work to address the issue in the future, I was still feeling demoralized as I was convinced that necrosis leaves a permanent crater like dish scar just based off the quick google image searching of necrosis that I did. And to think it would be exposed in the middle of frontal area even after it healed, was very upsetting for me. Fast forward to the month of March (3 month mark) Well after all the scabs had fallen, I had realized the supposed necrosis had healed fairly well. Meaning I did not receive the crater/dune like scar I thought i would have been left with (Just based off the pictures and necrosis stories i researched on). The surface of the frontal scalp right above my hairline was completely flat and smooth, matching up with the rest of the surface scalp. I was very relieved to see this. However, very little hair density was sprouting in this specific area and i wasn’t surprised due to the nature of what necrosis does. Regardless, i was relieved to see I wasn’t left with a terrible scar on my scalp out in the open for everyone to see. At this point during the 3 month mark, I get a 3 month evaluation with the doctor via FaceTime. I show him how the scalp had been healing thus far, and to his and my surprise, he was relieved I didn’t receive any sort of “crater” like scar as well. Here’s the catch, over this FaceTime appointment was where he also strangely stated that he misdiagnosed my scalp skin wound and took back his initial diagnoses of necrosis. He apologized for “misdiagnosing” the issue and sternly assured me that it was not necrosis. Till this day I do not know exactly what these deep wounds were but i personally believe it was a form of necrosis, contrary to what my doctor had told me in March. (The “‘misdiagnosis”) Anyway, fast forward 7 months post op. At this time during the growth process was when I realized I may have had a failed hair transplant. It appeared to me that my results completely stopped around month 6, and from there on out was just my hair growing in length. Below are pictures I took at the 10 month mark exactly. Some photo description below: The left front side has somewhat decent density, but starting at the widows peak and going towards the right side, the hairs are very thin and poor density it seems. Almost to the appearance of “doll hairs”. The scalp scarring also gives off a red sun burnt appearance , and at the 10 month mark I still had coworkers and peers asking why my scalp is red - since currently the frontal area has a see through/transparent appearance. (especially very noticeable in outdoor daylight or even in indoor low light photos) I currently still have peers trying to inform me that I’m “balding”. Just some comments that I was not expecting as i feel that hair results are supposed to get better with each month but never did I see flourishing progressive results till this date. I would say the months of April and May were the best months as far as thick results appearing. But after May , I did not notice any new hairs, just more length and possibly volume. In the third week of October was when I had my most recent evaluation with the Doctor to discuss my results and what he can do address the situation. Even after reviewing the photos I sent him (the same ones posted below) he did not reassure me or offer me much. He claims that sometimes “people need a second procedure “ to get it to look “perfect” and that with his second procedure, he would fix the transparent look and get it looking “perfect”. He offered me 500 free grafts. And proceeded to tell me all I needed was 2000 grafts Fue and quoted me total of $12,000 for 2000 grafts as his discounted price. The phone evaluation was rather short and he did not seem to want to take the time to really go over my worries or offer any alternate solutions. He didn’t even bother telling me what may have led to such poor results. The phone evaluation was very disappointing for me and led me to question the doctors ethics. Being that I flew from the East coast across the country and paid well over $18k for my procedure, I feel that he should have been a little more accommodating, understanding, and invested/intrigued with my situation, but he was not. All things considered, I would like to know what I should expect from this doctor, if anything? I would like to have some sort of small refund, but feel that he may not entertain that idea. In one of the photos circled in green, one of the hairline sides seem to display a linear/straight line of hair bulbs which really gives off a look of a very artificial hair transplant. Where as the other side of the hairline looks more natural. The strip scar also seems to have a caused a lot more shock loss than I expected as well. Which then makes me very unsure if I should do another strip Scar procedure in the future or not. But If I decide to do FUE , i feel that it won’t be enough grafts to cover the front and/or the crown area. So this is my dilemma. With my stretched skin from the strip scar, I feel this depletes my donor area needed for my 2nd procedure in the future, which I was planning and hoping on doing FUE. But now I feel that I may have no choice but to do a scar revision before ever considering FUE (if I even want a chance at getting good coverage to fix my current poor results. But if i have no choice but to do FUT for my second procedure, I’m worried about having to receive another strip scar even after the scar revision, and there’s a possibility I may have to suffer another patch of strip scar shock loss after the scar revision and/or second strip excision - which then causes even more donor depletion and terrible hair loss appearance with or without long hair growth to hide it. On top of all that, I’m worried I’ll be stuck with excruciating and permanent scalp tension. Not sure if I want the back of scalp to be more tighter than it already is. Small side note: I am not looking for, or never was expecting Elvis Presley hair density whatsoever, but I feel that with 4100 grafts, I should have gotten just a tad better coverage on my crown area and just a little bit better density in the frontal area. What are you’re guys thoughts on what direction I should take in terms of my next procedure to fix the density while also addressing the stretched strip scar? How many grafts will i need to address the transparent look in front ? Etc . And what direction I should take with the doctor that performed my surgery? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks for reading guys.