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  1. Glad to hear, it is the best thing I did even though I’m not entirely happy with my result but that’s my unrealistic expectations more than anything. My donor healed really fast and considering the number of grafts I had which was about 3200 I have minimal scarring. I did suffer with redness in the recipient area which took months to subside but I do suffer from eczema and it did eventually subside. Fikret was great and even Dr Yaman was good too, he was the first to greet me in the waiting area, did a thorough pre op plan and did initial anaesthetic and incisions. He was in several times throughout the whole procedure. The team were responsive and reassuring throughout my recovery too. Let me know if you have any questions, don’t be too concerned at the 3-4 month stage when you start to shed!
  2. @Mobarak I am 18 months post-op with Dr Yaman had a good experience, I think expectations of results in some cases (even my own) are unreasonable. In this case I understand the OP is not happy but with a grade 0/1 you are always going to see FUE scarring. You can see mine too but the general public would not notice. I find it’s only those who have had or are researching HT pick up on these things. Yes I have a few doubles in the hair line, and the density isn’t perfect but I know a HT, is to a degree an illusion, and it would be difficult to achieve the same density as the rest of your scalp. Happy to share my experience and answer any queries, please DM me.
  3. Hi @gbhscot just been reading through this topic, progress looks great by the way! I'm 6 months post-op and had my HT with Dr Yaman too, I will get round to doing a review at some point. Overall I am generally pleased with everything so far even at this early stage. Fikret has been great with answering all my questions and concerns. I will add that if I had no further growth/density even at this stage I would be happy, it is 100% times better than pre-op (NW3v). Just wanted to add my thoughts on the use of Nizoral, three times a week was okay for first 2-3 weeks as advised but after this once a week was max. Although it is considered uncommon – affecting less than 1 in 100 people – Nizoral shampoo does list hair loss as a potential side effect. There's also lots of scepticism on the use of H&S shampoo and it' impact on hair loss (which I used to use regularly) have limited my use of this now and make sure I use a good conditioner regularly too. I've been taking fin for just under a year and think this has helped in slowing down my loss, tried minoxidil but didn't get on with it at all (headaches) Interested to know how you get on with the dermarolling.
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