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  1. Amazing... My skin color is the same as yours, I was worried about FUE scars too but its pretty much invisible when getting it done by good doctor, would you ever thinking to take another 4k FUE and just fill the gaps with BHT/SMP? It seems like your donor will remain extremely well even after additional 4-5k if you are willing to add destiny with SMP or some beard.
  2. Hey Phil! Thank you so much bfor your detailed response!!! He was taking Propecia for 3 years with zero effect so he just stopped. "If the plan is to transplant 1000 grafts with the assumption they will eventually fail, then touch them up periodically, your brother also needs to take into account that scarring occurs in the recipient area as well when you transplant the hairs, and with each successive touch up transplanting the region becomes progressively harder and harder to do with greater risks attached." This is something I didn't know, however, let's say he starts w
  3. Hi guys, I have spoke with few doctors already but I do want to hear your opinion about that. I am writing this thread on my brother behalf. He is Norwood 6, 28 years old with DUPA. When looking at family members, which all ended Norwood 6 (Over 20 members including cousins, uncles). 70% of them also have DUPA, they lost their nape area, their donor is thinner, but STILL have remaining grafts, I would say 50% are gone. It's perfectly stable now. My brother is wearing an hair piece, he committed it since he was 21 years old and won't discontinue.
  4. One of the most interesting threads I have ever seen. I wish you all the best, I have no doubt that the shocked hairs will re grew in 2 months max. I feel so stupid for doing laser hair removal on my chest and arms, I had maybe 8k grafts together no joke... I do still have plenty of legs hair, do you think those can be used safety with high survival?
  5. Hey guys, I know it's not possible to transplant over 50 grafts cm2 in a single surgery but let's say year/2 years later after the area has healed, does it possible to have another 50 grafts on the same area? (Let's say the person is Norwood 1, 65 years old with plenty of donor and not going to lose a single hair from his head).
  6. Hey brother! I sent you a PM. I know it will be behind you soon, I can send you photos of mine so you will have an idea what I am talking about.
  7. Hey buddy, How long after the surgery you started to wear hair system? Maybe that effected the results because of the harsh glue? Do you think your sides are still thinning? (if your trying to pull some hairs does it goes out easily?)
  8. You made me so happy now... My situation is different, I am not looking for full head of hair but just rebuild the hairline / temple points so my SMP will look natural as possible. All my family members are shedding in their donor (including the safe zone) BUT as mentioned all of them have at least 50% remaining hairs at sides (Nape area is gone completely). As long as it's possible to get only 500 healthy grafts using FUE from my entire donor then I am more than happy, that's all I need. Thanks for your comment!
  9. Hey guys, I hope someone can clarify this for me.I did FUT a year ago, I do suffer from aggressive retrograde alopecia (Which goes almost everywhere in my donor, including the "Safe zone").Many calls it DUPA but I don't know if that's the case since I first turned to Norwood 6 and only then started to thin in my sides,nap, etc.When looking at my family members (Uncles, cousins, brother), all are norwood 6-7, at least half of them have thinner sides but EVERYONE still have remaining hair at the sides of their hair.It's not as thick as it used to be, but there is still hair that is DHT resistant
  10. Hey guys, So I started to shed about a week ago, about 30% of the hairs, their bottom (The parts that comes out of the scalp), seems little curve, I am not sure what does it means but hopefully nothing bad, I haven't asked my doctor yet because I want to ask you if I have a reason to be worried about, I know grafts are supposed to be secured by now but what is the reason for the bottom part to look like so curve? I attached two photos, one hair alone and in the second picture you can see one normal hair vs one curved. Thanks in advance!!
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