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  1. I see.. what's your opinion about PrP? Maybe if we can actually get more blood to our scalp, just maybe it may help drastically for some people. I am really curious how my hairloss stopped and tbh only FUE explains it. (speaking on donor).
  2. Holy... Okay this MAY explain something I have been struggling to understand, would like to hear your opinion: When I was 18-19 I went to do temporary SMP in my country, I went to crappy artist that used such a weak ink that faded off every month, I went twice a month for 3 months straight. My hairloss was so aggressive back then, I was thining everywhere, after like two months I noticed my hairloss stopped, I thought I was imagined but it did stop, I know because Whenever I tried to pull hair, at least two came easily, whenever I shampoo I saw tons of hair, none came out duri
  3. You said something extremely interesting that I had no clue but explains something I thought helped me in the past but just to ensure I got this right, you are saying weak blood circulation in the scalp has something to do with people that are sensetive to DHT??
  4. From what I remember non used any anti androgen medication. However one of those who lost his transplanted hair started to take oral Minoxidil and it did grew a lot back (Transplanted hairs only). It won't let me send a link to another forum so I assume this is against the rules. I have no doubt hair transplant does works wonders for many but maybe this is truth and without Propecia it will eventually fall (Although I know and see people here who did HT 8 years plus ago without any medication and still kept their results).
  5. I posted a thread here about a month ago: I spoke with multiple patients in other forums and also here who lost their transplanted hair. It has nothing to do with donor miniaturizion in those cases, Norwood 2/3 and even 4 won't even donor miniaturizion when he is 35-40 years old and even if he does, it won't get his transplanted hair destiny lower by 30-70% within 2-8 years.i It's really upsetting that this topic is not being raised often, people are speaking what's better FUE vs FUT or other bs questions but ignore the most important thing, Does HT is permanent? It
  6. Men that's amazing!!!! So basically the legs/arms grew well? So many people are complaining that legs are not good and won't grow, by your photos I assume it worked well for you? 🙂 Really happy for you.
  7. You are right. Aaron, I just looked at your signature and see you had HT in 2008, did the transplanted grafts remained? Thanks!
  8. The thing is, so many people are losing their transplanted hairs after 5-10 years. Maybe it's more common then we think.
  9. I wish more doctors would answer, so many patients are complaining that their transplanted hairs fall after 3-7 years (Seems when the hair cycle is over)Especially on other forum, the only reasons I can think of are : 1) Once you transfer healthy graft to unhealthy zone (like hairline), its starting to be sensetive to DHT. 2) After the cycle is over the graft won't have enough strength to re grow (What's why I read that oral Minoxidil helped some after their transplanted hair fall) 3) Some grafts were taken out of the safe zone, if you do dense packing, 50/cm2 and you los
  10. Woah nice to know! Does Topical Minx caused you any side effects? Many people say it lower your collagen which may cause you aging faster, not sure how often it happens. Really happy it's working for you!
  11. That's interesting.. maybe the DHT is not in the follicle but actually in the area?
  12. Please ask what would be the reason for transplanted hairs falling after few years when : 1) Donor is 100% stable 2) health condition is perfect Seems like many people are losing their transplanted hairs and they are never progressed after Norwood 4. really curious regarding this issue when people doesn't have DUPA
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