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  1. How does everyone feel regarding current and next 6 month travel with for a hair transplant with the Coronavirus issues globally? I am looking at a hair transplant abroad but not sure if the timing is right. It is an elective procedure so I do not want to be sick during recovery and do not want to increase my risk of catching something traveling to India/Thailand/Turkey
  2. So I have not heard or seen any responses from Eugenix since the price increase. Usually their reps are quite active from what I have seen on topics about them or posting new results in the clinic review. I'm not getting a good vibe from them. I think I will look at other clinics
  3. I will look more into Dr Pekiner. Thanks. I am after a Doctor that cares about the patients as much as finances too. Eugenix seem to have done some work to get a few good reviews here for now. Will see how their results and treatments go with others that get transplanted in the next few months. In the meantime I will be looking at Dr Pekiner and Dr Bhatti or anyone else that posts some good results.
  4. Thanks. I am looking at him and Dr Pekiner at the moment (Pekiner being closer to me) Thing is there is so little involvement by the surgeons compared to the people Portugal25 mentions above. One of the main messages on this forum is to find a doctor who does the procedure and has great results (with so much negativity put on technician run clinics). With Eugenix I feel we are handing over a lot of the work to unknown technicians (who knows who you will get on the day!) for extraction/implantation and still paying a premium similar to surgeons who do all the work themselves. When you factor in flights for someone from Europe, its cheaper, less travel and better results with the European surgeons.
  5. I do not think Eugenix is very competitive anymore. I just got a very bad feeling with the rise in price... like they have done their advertising on these forums, got some support from some members and now just looking to capitalise on these supports by raising their costs. Like I said all their cases and results are from within 1-2 years whereas Bhatti/others have a 5+ year track record on these forums. Other surgeons seem more interested in their patients, doctors more involved in the procedure and I have even heard Dr Bhatti refunds for grafts when he has overquoted.
  6. Yes it's ridiculous. Such a steep increase in price just leaves a bad feeling about them (especially when you consider they do less than other surgeons in Europe and India who do full extractions/implantations themselves)
  7. Thanks California. I emailed Dr Bhatti directly and am now considering him as my likely surgeon. I will let you know if I have any questions. Thanks.
  8. Thanks you and sorry for the slwo reply. Life has been busy with Christmas and family. I stopped finasteride because of sexual and mood side effects. My family doctor said some people experience this and it is adviseable to stop. Seems this is widely reported on the internet too, so it's not just me. I'd rather be bald than have sexual and mood sides. I thought transplant is good because it might keep my hair but avoid finasteride.
  9. After research, I am looking at FUE in India, Europe or Turkey with one of the recommended surgeons here. I was looking at Eugenix but now the price has increased and I am starting to rule them out. 1. How many transplants a day do they do at Eugenix? Seems a lot of clinics in different cities? How many transplants are Dr Bansal and/or Sethi themselves doing a day? 2. It seems choosing a surgeon is important and stressed heavily here. Eugenix is having a number of people post results and so it seems people are going to them. However Eugenix are very ambigous about who is doing their procedure and the level of involvement by surgeons/techicians. What are people's experiences? How involved are Dr Sethi/Bansal? 3. Why the large increase in price this year? (almost 2x for top package) Dr Bhatti's price is reduced for Indian summer. Their current prices are almost on par with some European and US surgeons. I understand a small increase is necessary with rising costs every year. However The top plan has gone from Rs 120 to 210 in the space of days - hard not to leave a sour taste! 4. Hard to find negative reviews on Eugenix at the moment but their results here seem to be from last 1-2 years only. Dr Bhatti and others have been putting results out for 5+ years. What are peoples thoughts on this? 5. Is it possible to claim the GST back if visiting India for the transplant? I know UK you can claim VAT back if you are a tourist. I am not trying to be critical on Eugenix - just want to put them through the ringer before ruling them out or considering their significantly raised costs now! Very happy to hear suggestions of other surgeons or if you think Eugenix is worth it. Thanks
  10. I have decided to get a hair transplant. I stopped Finasteride due to side effects and am seeing a big difference in the last 6 months: (going from Norwood 3/4 to 6). I have continued Minoxidil for now. Do you think I should stop minoxidil and let all the weak hair fall out so I can maximise my transplanted DHT resistant grafts? I am not planning on having multiple transplants Appreciate all thoughts and opinions Thanks
  11. I am looking at a FUE transplant.I have dark skin (medium brown not black or dark brown) - slightly darker than a tanI am thinking of buzzing down to 0 or 1 guard in the next 10 years if after my hair transplant my hair loss progresses (I refuse to use finasteride due to it's side effects)I notice in caucasian people the scars from FUE can be very minimal or at times white dots that can be seen obviously when buzzed short. Does anyone know how these might look in dark skin people?I do not want to invest in repeat transplants or future SMP - in a away I am happy to just skip the transplant buzz it now if it will cause me ongoing issues. However it would be nice to have some hair in my 'golden years' where most of my peers have full heads of hair.