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  1. Looks great mate. Will keep following - hopefully going to be an excellent result! Also wanted to chime in and put a shout out to paddy for his private message help.
  2. Thanks @mitts This is a great video. Appreciate it.
  3. Do all FUE transplants leave scars or is it a small risk? I am thinking of if i have further loss that I will shave it all off instead of going into repeat transplants
  4. This is correct. Just through the ugly duckling phase. I dont want uneven loose stray long hair. Thank you for all your replies.
  5. I am looking at getting a hair transplant (FUE with Darling Buds or DHT with Eugenix). After the transplant, can I continue to shave my head (number zero) for the first few months? Will shaving the head cause issues with the new graft growing?
  6. I am looking at a transplant in the next year. I am having a very hard time deciding between Darling Buds (Bhatti) and Eugenix (Sethi/Bansal). Dr Bhatti seems very genuine and involved in most of the procedure. You can contact and talk to him directly via email/Skype. Great results it seems allround (though with some density issues) Dr Sethi/Bansal seem to have excellent results (perhaps better than Bhatti) but the doctors seem less involved/approacheable (e.g. you get 2 doctors, technicians do work that Bhatti does - e.g. extractions after the doctors start them) Please corrected me if I am wrong with any of the above. One of the members here, who has had multiple transplants, highly recommends Eugenix. What are people's thoughts/experiences? (I know there has been a previous thread on this but it is nearly 1 year old, so I hope this is OK)