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  1. Can't say I can see the punch marks very much at all! Happy growing
  2. The Indian government has banned all foreigners coming into Indian and I have had to delay my Hair Transplant which was booked months ago for 1.5 weeks time. Eugenix have been wonderful given the exceptional circumstances. Thanks @Abhinay Singh and @Eugenix Hair Science
  3. Paddy this is looking great mate! I'm very excited for you Can't wait for my transplant (which I've had to put on hold for now due to Corona and india not allowing foreigners in at the moment)
  4. Looking good zoomster! Great work by @Eugenix Hair Science @Abhinay Singh
  5. Where did you get your transplant? i’m intrigued because you posted a lot pre-op about various clinics
  6. I'm told they take pre-op bloods for the transplant. HIV/Hep C etc, full blood counts, blood coagulation to make sure you dont have hereditary or medically thinned blood still. Looking forward to your results mate! I'm heading their way soon too
  7. How is this different/compare to DHI by Eugenix? The slits are open pre-extraction, grafts extracted then implanted as harvested (that's my understanding)