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  1. Thanks Laser and Melvin. I'm going to have to get a lot better at taking head-selfies but here is my set to represent 2 weeks into using topical Minoxidil. About 7 weeks since the last haircut. Maybe I'll shift to taking them immediately after haircuts for better consistency.
  2. Should start my first post with a Hi 🤝nice to meet you etc, So this is obviously not such a bad problem for me to have, but the rate of change in my hair - real though it may be - is kind of glacial in its slowness. I've uploaded four 'outdoorsie' shots spanning the past 13 years, beginning at midway into my thirties. No interventions to mention besides tinting up until 2017, then just medicinal for past couple of years. Now that I'm some way down the rabbit holes of being proactive on a Maintain and Improve strategy, I need to figure out some ways to more closely monitor how I'm tracking. The challenge is to pick up on either the little improvements, or also the onward creep in the unwanted direction. So I guess any prior message threads that really get into the weeds about taking good closeup shots, or devising a repeatable self-assessment method, would be good to know of. I think I'm going to send some photos of my current hairline to one of the reputable restoration clinics who offer online consultation, and see what might be if budgets were no obstacle. Probably for the next 2-3 months it's going to be more about trying out some extra at-home routines, on top of the small dose of Finasteride I've been taking for a couple of years. The threads here on micro needling, Minoxidil, etc have been good to read also. And many of the surgery threads look remarkable. I undertake as far as possible to not be annoying! John in Australia