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  1. I can't cite clinical validity on this, but there has been some buzz around the latest generation of LED healing/rejuvination devices like Healite II or Omnilux for people who are on the mend from various minor surgeries and want to encourage the process along. I've been under one once (not for HT). After you get over the extreme brightness, it's certainly not unpleasant.
  2. I'm definitely going to have to switch to taking record-keeping shots immediately after haircuts. And probably in natural light. So with all the caveats that my camera technique was lax, the intense lighting casts random shadows, and that I'm sort of trying to measure for a status quo effect (arresting thinning was the most likely response, as compared with something growing in at a higher density), here is my checking-in after six months of including topical medication twice a day, and a little bit of weekly needling. My subjective feel is that I've squeezed just a little bit more r
  3. Thanks everyone. Although current events are necessarily a handbrake on plans, I'll have your collective advice in my back pocket for when things get better.
  4. As per the title, I've been wondering if any of the initial ten days of healing would lend themselves to a sight-seeing itinerary, in either the treatment country or its surrounds. That would be excluding say the first 2-3 days, when everything is pretty tender and raw and there are follow up appointments to keep. The reasons I can think of against would include Less than great sleep during the graft healing phase Limits to what might be worn on the head as sun protection The general appearance if it was a shaved procedure In the 'reasons for' column, I've got
  5. Ah right, no I haven't been freelancing. In each case since I first used it (late 2017), I followed what got prescribed. But so as not to hijack the side-effects theme of this thread, I'll think of something to say about it the next time I update on how my various interventions are tracking.
  6. I quite recently went from a daily dose of 0.25 mg (splitting a 1 mg pill into four) to 2.5 mg. So that's like a tenfold increase. The up-dosing was kind of on the doctor's whim, rather than something I was seeking. But nothing noticeable with side effects at that bigger dose.
  7. Thanks Laser and Melvin. I'm going to have to get a lot better at taking head-selfies but here is my set to represent 2 weeks into using topical Minoxidil. About 7 weeks since the last haircut. Maybe I'll shift to taking them immediately after haircuts for better consistency.
  8. Should start my first post with a Hi 🤝nice to meet you etc, So this is obviously not such a bad problem for me to have, but the rate of change in my hair - real though it may be - is kind of glacial in its slowness. I've uploaded four 'outdoorsie' shots spanning the past 13 years, beginning at midway into my thirties. No interventions to mention besides tinting up until 2017, then just medicinal for past couple of years. Now that I'm some way down the rabbit holes of being proactive on a Maintain and Improve strategy, I need to figure out some ways to more closely monitor how I'm tra
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