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  1. If hypothetically some lotion came out that managed to regrow all the patients hair back to nw0/pre balding state, would that lead to the collapse of the hair transplant industry? I read that sm04554 has the potential of inducing follicular neogenesis. I know it might be a silly question, but what kind of options would someone with naturally high temples have if all the good clinics went out of business? Assuming he wants them filled in
  2. Title, I was born with a very high hairline and messed up temples, after examining my current hairline and my childhood hairline I don't see a lot of difference, I am 26 now it seems I am a natural 2.5. How many grafts am I looking at to just fill in the temples and acheive a straight look? I want to ideally acheive as dense as possible result. As far as my family history goes, my father is around norwood 3-4 without any crown loss in his 60's, the same pattern as his father/my grandfather, I understand the possiblity of me going bald behind transplanted hair, but I am willing to take this risk as I believe new innovations in hair presevation will be out soon (I am specially looking forward to sm04554) which will allow for more powerful maintenance in the long run here is me at the age of 7, you can see how far back the temple is, the only difference between this and my current hairline is that the baby hairs near my temples disappeared.