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  1. They told him he only had 4800 total grafts via fue only? How much higher would this number be if he did fut first ?.. 4800 isn’t enough for full coverage of a nw 6
  2. That’s a boat load of scalp only grafts. No wonder you have full coverage. Part of me wants to just haul ass & strip out followed by fue to get the same result lol
  3. Atleast you got full coverage man. How many total scalp grafts did you get ?
  4. What kind of coverage do you have currently? And what kind of donor did you have prior to surgery that makes you think fue wouldn’t of landed you coverage?
  5. Yeah, dr. konior said He’s harvested 7-8k fue scalp grafts before. Obviously the guy must of had good donor quality. Mine is very dense myself. I’m also heading towards a Norwood 5/6ish all said and done. So i either put faith in a surgeon harvesting that many fue grafts plus beard grafts for additional coverage... or take the advice of many & go fut because I’ll end up an advanced pattern.
  6. I think it’s safe to say anyone would chose fue scarring over a linear scar. It comes down to what you’re willing to compromise. It seems like Melvin (and others that chose fue) would sacrifice less grafts + concealer for crown in exchange for No linear scar.. while some I’m sure say give me the extra 2k grafts. I’m still deciding
  7. Yeah so the question is, do you think having a linear scar is worth an extra 2k grafts that you could of had in your crown.. or is the use of concealer in the back Efficient enough to go through life without worrying about It
  8. I think he means just the fact there’s a linear scar back there mentally doesn’t sit right. Especially being a nw6-not having the back up plan to shave your head if a HT fails. That can cause anxiety.
  9. This right here is why i haven’t made a decision yet. Way too many conflicting opinions and advice On fut vs fue for advanced patterns.
  10. Great result. front looks Thick and the back half has very good coverage as well for an advanced Norwood.
  11. Bloxham all day..don’t even bother with meds.. he’ll get you the most coverage front to back as physically possible with surgery alone. Gonna take 2-3 though
  12. Yea these are all acceptions of limitations. But to get max coverage on a 250 sq cm scalp that’s how it must be done unfortunately. The numbers don’t lie. Still better then being slick bald in my opinion. And if that lighting at 40 grafts per sq cm is a big enough problem, you can squeeze in some smp, toppik, dermatch to top it off. Or maybe beard grafts for added density, idk. How many grafts per sq cm do you have in your crown Melvin?
  13. I agree with this Melvin, but i don’t think anybody should expect 45 grafts per sq cm throughout the entire head.. Using the same 250sq cm of demand, The math works If you go 40 grafts per sq cm in the front, 30 per cm2 for the mid scalp and 20 in the back. I’m going to include a photo of the math on paper for 200,250,300 sq cm of balding area.
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