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  1. Yea these are all acceptions of limitations. But to get max coverage on a 250 sq cm scalp that’s how it must be done unfortunately. The numbers don’t lie. Still better then being slick bald in my opinion. And if that lighting at 40 grafts per sq cm is a big enough problem, you can squeeze in some smp, toppik, dermatch to top it off. Or maybe beard grafts for added density, idk. How many grafts per sq cm do you have in your crown Melvin?
  2. I agree with this Melvin, but i don’t think anybody should expect 45 grafts per sq cm throughout the entire head.. Using the same 250sq cm of demand, The math works If you go 40 grafts per sq cm in the front, 30 per cm2 for the mid scalp and 20 in the back. I’m going to include a photo of the math on paper for 200,250,300 sq cm of balding area.
  3. With a conservative hairline why can’t you expect full coverage? I feel like 65-8500 grafts can cover a lot of area front to back. Maybe not a complete nw 7 but a nw 5/6.
  4. So after speaking with an extremely reputable surgeon in the US, i was told a patient with advanced hair loss, (assuming has good donor) has anywhere between 6500-8500 grafts in their donor bank. This is the case if the patient starts with strip, (and does multiple strips) And then finished off with fue. According to this doctor, this will give an advanced pattern full coverage. (With less density in the crown obviously). I’m guessing average donor can yield 6500ish grafts with above average donors reaching the 8500 mark. Does anyone agree or disagree with this philosophy of graft availability
  5. Can anyone explain what happened here? Looking at his Ht journey photos after the 2nd ht, the hair looks really good. What exactly happened?
  6. Dr konior told me personally he’s harvested up to 8000 fue grafts before. It depends on the donor, but this makes me believe the Fue yield could be just as large as fut
  7. I think he’ll be able to get light coverage throughout his entire crown because he’s staring with fut. would need to have a conservatively placed hairline tho
  8. Good point. You’d really max out your grafts that way. I just don’t know how well scar revisions are nowadays with fue into them. I guess fue in theory sounds like a safer option god forbid your results aren’t what you expected. You wouldn’t be stuck with long hair on the sides. It all comes down to trusting the right doctor to get the job done
  9. 20% more lifetime grafts available in your donor for fut versus fue. So lets say you can get 7k grafts via fut alone. You’d be maxed out at maybe 5600 with fue alone (20% less). But in exchange for the extra grafts, you get a strip scar. I’m heading towards a nw 6 and I’m debating fut or fue. I have a good beard tho. Konior said he can likely grab another 1k Atleast from my beard. So fue plus beard grafts is sounding like a good option right now. One thing i fear for us nw 6s is if we go fut, were forced to wear our hair longer on the sides. (I think longer then a number 3 honestly.) and with
  10. Is this for fut or fue? Konior told me fut only yields 20% more lifetime grafts. In exchange for a strip scar. Do you think an extra 1500 grafts is worth having long hair on the sides to hide the scar? I’m in the same position. He also said beard hair can make up the difference
  11. I agree fin will make you a dud in the sack.. but i don’t agree transplanted hairs will fall out. That hair is taken from a permanent zone of hair. That area never falls out in almost every man
  12. Excellent. Dr Carlos Wesley sells a mix of 0.04% Dutasteride, 0.1% Finasteride, 6% Minoxidil, Retinol & 0.1% Caffeine. as well as just 0.5% finasteride spray. Which one do you think i should try?
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