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  1. I think you’ll have enough donor for a thick front half, then less density as it flares back toward the crown. In a worst scenario a lightly covered crown. Which is fine and better then being bald. You also have a good beard which can be a good source. Your sides don’t look like they’re gonna drop that low. The crown may
  2. The only reason to worry about stabilizing what you currently have is to prolong a second surgery so soon. The better advice would be to see what’s possible with surgery alone if you go completely bald up top. Then you don’t need to stress about committing to medication for life and dealing with any side effects. Expect to be fully bald, even if you won’t. Ask the doctors if your donor would allow for coverage from hairline to crown it you progressed to a Norwood 6. If they’re optimistic then you’re good. Medication or not
  3. I’m glad dr bloxham is actively taking the necessary steps to make sure you’re happy. In my opinion, He’s one of the best communicators in the industry. I’ve met with him twice in Person and have nothing but good to say about him and his results. My question and concern is, you already underwent an initial strip surgery, another 1500 strip surgery in the same recipient zone will put you at 2 strips just in the hairline. His game plan is typically to use 1 strip for the frontal half, second strip for mid scalp and into crown. If you lose more going forward, did he say you’re only option is fue? A third strip? Did he mention you could do fue in December to save your second strip for a bigger surgery ?
  4. I use topical fin from Wesley. You need a password to obtain access to his online store which i got post consult. Zero side effects btw
  5. Perfectly said. Don’t rely on a pill for the remainder of life. Plan as if you won’t be on it forever
  6. Hey bro, i don’t think your sides will drop to the extent of running into problems down the line if you restore your frontal third. They don’t show signs of drastic dipping. Maybe slightly, but not a deal breaker. Even if those light zones under the part thinned out completely, you could add grafts there. Can’t see it being that many more grafts. Have you spoken to Dr. bloxham on this topic? I’m from NY too and have met with him multiple times. He’s conservative and I’d guarantee whatever game plan he’d have for you would set you up nice for the future.. without the use of fin.
  7. He packed those grafts in nicely, even throughout your areas that weren’t that thin.. something i thought wasn’t advised to avoid shock loss. Excellent progress nonetheless.
  8. nobody plans on getting a poor result either. It happens
  9. So i know with any type of surgery, scarring is unavoidable. For anyone who has gotten FUE, do you honestly believe you always have that insurance policy of shaving your head or do you think you give that option up when you opt for a hair transplant in general?
  10. 2k grafts under the jaw is a game changer. That makes up for grafts they say you “lose” by not combining fut / fue.
  11. Yeah i was going to add the disadvantage of dealing with two colors. You see a lot of beards that are a completely different shade then the scalp hair. I’d assume these patients are not candidates
  12. His results came out amazing for where he began. I wonder why more doctors don’t go the Fue + beard grafts route. If you can grab another 1000 grafts from the beard it makes up for the extra you could get with combining fut and fue.
  13. My apologies for not recalling a conversation we had 2 years ago. i just re-read what we touched on. No further explanation on this topic needed brother.
  14. Well yeah, i think we can all agree when it comes to maximizing your lifetime yield there’s more people in favor of combining both methods.. but i was curious how successful a patient could be with fue alone as a Norwood 6. To avoid a strip scar
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