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  1. Looks great man! honestly, I’d be cool with those results as is and you’re only at 6 months.. looking forward to seeing your progress, it will only get denser. Would you say your expectations of dr bloxham were met? And also What kind of Haircut do you plan on getting with the scar?
  2. During my research, I’ve noticed many clinics quote you by the grafts, and some clinics try selling you by the hairs. Obviously, the clinics that tell you how many “hairs” you’re getting will speak negatively about places that quote grafts- “because you don’t know the total hair count which is the most important”, as well as “not knowing if grafts are being cut in half to meet the quoted graft count”.. Does anybody have any input on this topic of why clinics use hairs over grafts when consulting with patients?
  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. As for Fut over fue, correct me if I’m wrong.. Fut first following fue yields the most lifetime grafts according to dr bloxham. I would obviously rather have fue scarring over a strip, however i seem to be diffusing into an advanced Norwood pattern and would hate to run out of grafts by starting with fue. I’m stuck between the great results i see from dr Bloxham’s YouTube channel & also great Fue result with less scar. Tough boat
  4. My guess is we’re gonna get a response along the lines of him having exceptional donor with limited foreseeable loss elsewhere. Although i still think 4K is a lot. Even if he does have 8k grafts in his donor. I’m only comparing this to other cases that used 1500-2000 grafts for the same degree of hair loss .. with similar density
  5. Hey Doug, Out of curiosity? why was 4000 grafts used for such a small area of loss? Doesn’t the average patient only have 6-8000 lifetime grafts?
  6. Anyone who underwent a FUT procedure with Dr. Bloxham? I Am close to scheduling with him unless my indecisive self changes my mind. What were your overall thoughts? how are your results? what was your game plan? Grafts, frontal band? Crown? thanks in advanced!
  7. I actually agree with everything you just said. I’m narrowing it down to bloxham and diep for fut. diep shows comb throughs, but the way bloxham combs that wet hair result is just different. That’s what ultimately might win me over. I’m also on pace to be a nw 6 so i really need to focus on using every single possible graft in my donor.
  8. Is there a reason why you think bloxham wouldn’t be a homerun as well?
  9. What do people hate on for diep? And how satisfied are you with your results from him? Would you change anything?
  10. Good morning fellas. I am asking for some friendly unbiased opinions on 3 surgeons. Hasson and Wong, Dr. Blake bloxham, and Dr Diep. I’ve had consults with all 3 and they all seem like they would be good options. I am progressing into a nw 6 so i have opted for FUT, then fue afterwards. Just so i can utilize more lifetime grafts. What are your guys opinions on their results? Who would you recommend? Price and location mean nothing. This is strictly about getting it done right the first time. Thanks guys
  11. Excellent. massive difference thus far. I am glad to see a nw 7 transform and beat the odds...with everyone in industry claiming it cant be done on a nw7.
  12. sorry i meant to say 500. Yea, i see you added the grafts to the crown, but i was asking, did your doctor mention anything about the dangers of adding to a crown that could progress. Since it kind of looks like your crown is dipping downwards (which indicates an advanced hairloss pattern) ..from my personal research i always thought you shouldnt touch the crown until you completely take care of the front half and then see what the crown does
  13. Hey, How come your surgeon added a 100 graft patch to your crown that clearly has dipping signs that indicates nw 7, based on your before photos ? With medication I am sure you will be able to prevent future loss but I thought you should stay away from the crown if an advanced pattern is likely. I hope you dont need another procedure but just wondering.