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  1. You had asked me to send you a PM about this which I did and now after 2.5 months you decide to suddenly reply! great thanks!
  2. 50% hair growth so far with another 50% to come as mentioned by Dr. Sethi so your results so far is only half way there and can only get better from here. Hope this makes sense.
  3. Hello @eyesonyouuuu thanks for the latest photos. From my observation your results so far looks like what your hair was like before your hair transplant which is a good sign considering Dr. Sethi mentioned that this is only 50% of your overall hair growth so based on that I would expect to see better hair growth/results in 8 to 12 months time. Look forward to an update in 3 months time or I will remind you if you forget!
  4. Hi again. could you show us some pics of what your hair transplant results look like now after 5 months?
  5. To be honest it looks a little odd with that beard hair blended with your scalp donor hair especially when seeing your video on youtube as I find videos a better interpretation than photos. But I suppose thats what you get when you have two different textures of hair. But thanks to this video I hope I don't ever have to go for a beard hair transplant and will try and keep my existing hair as best as possible with finasteride.
  6. Thanks so much @Portugal25 for that helpful reply! Shall contact some of those doctors you mentioned and will get back to you accordingly.
  7. It's all good when a hair transplant clinic that shows us a good result of a patient who has good donor hair. After all good donor hair along with a good doctor/team and the use of medication produces good results. I have weak donor hair and would like some recommendations on some doctors I could contact should I opt for a hair transplant. @Portugal25 your contribution would be most welcome.
  8. @Portugal25You have good thick beard growth in your chin and cheek area which would really beneficial for your next hair transplant. Though will your beard hair grow less thick after your transplant after beard hair is taken from the cheek and chin area for a hair transplant? By less thick hair I mean that after you shave the chin and cheek area will look more smooth like this http://www.mensfashionmagazine.com/how-to-get-a-clean-shave as opposed to someone who has a thick beard where even after a close shave their beard area has a shadow like this https://prince.org/msg/100/403978?pr
  9. @Portugal25 So would it be correct to say that beard hair around the chin and on the side of the face should not be used if the patient decides not to shave after a HT because it can make the beard growth look like it has lots of gaps?
  10. @Portugal25 Thanks for your quick reply and all the best with your latest hair transplant. Shall be following it.
  11. @Portugal25 Can hair from the beard be used again as donor hair in the future if needed? This is because from the photo where the patient has had his beard hair used 12 months after surgery it looks like his beard hair is back to normal with good growth just as his beard would have looked like before surgery?
  12. Were Eugenix confident that the hair which they transplanted wont fall in the future? Did they mention any risks?
  13. Does finasteride work at stopping your hair loss and how long have you been on the medication if at all?
  14. @Portugal25 Thank you for the helpful video on DUPA/BUPA that you provided.
  15. @Melvin-Moderator @Portugal25 if someone thats interested in having a hair transplant is found to have DUPA then does that mean the ethical thing for that clinic is not do surgery on that patient?
  16. @Abhinay Singh Do you have any results where a patient has poor quality donor hair just to see what the results look like as my donor hair isn't very good and I can get a good idea of what to expect. Thank you.
  17. Very impressive! Just a few questions which I would greatly appreciate if you could kindly answer 1)Do you find that since you used your beard and chest hair that they now grow finer and is not as thick as it once was? 2)Can you use more grafts from the beard in the future or are they limited just as grafts from the donor? There's always hair from the upper lip area as I notice that hasn't been touched. 3)Should one not have a thick beard or a hairy chest which I'm assuming you did then can hair from the armpits or other parts of the body such as the legs be used? 4) Are you on finasteride/minox? Thank you.
  18. @eyesonyouuuu Interesting to know as I was under the impression that Dr. Lorenz always asks the patient to visit his clinic for an in person consultation first before he decides on what is best for the patient. As for your results so far, you should be more satisfied in the 4 and 5 month mark so wait for another month or so before you start to see your hair thickening is what I feel!
  19. Hello Niko, Just a few questions which would be really helpful if you could answer them, With the photos where you have your face covered with your hands were they taken after your results with Dr. Bhatti? Were you considered by the doctors to have good donor hair? And would it be okay if you could kindly upload a small video clip of your hair line and midscalp, crown on youtube (set to private or a link that only we can see) just to get an idea of the density that one can achieve with the number of grafts you've had (12000 in total) as I believe my hair loss is similar to what you were before your hair transplant with Dr. Bhatti as this would give us a good idea of what one can achieve. Thanks alot!
  20. What about the area where doctors do take out hair from for an FUE which is just above the FUT donor area and hair from that area is decreasing would their still be hope for an FUE then?
  21. According to one of your videos you had retrograde alopecia only in the nape area, however how does one have any hope of a hair transplant if they have retrograde alopecia not just in the nape but also on the sides above the sideburns as well as at the back of the head just above the FUT donor zone? This is a possibility in which case the person would be better off just saving their money!
  22. Hello @eyesonyouuuu I read your introduction where you mentioned that you had consulted with Dr. Lorenzo and Asmed who had both felt that you weren't a suitable candidate case for a HT but I am curious to know whether thIs assessment was made after them seeing your photos online or did you visit them in person? Thanks and all the best with your current HT!