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  1. Updates at 8.5 months mark ( Attached one donor area pic as well) : I do see so much improvements. Any chances it will get any better than this? What do ya'll think?
  2. Hello All, Apologies for not posting any updates for a while now. Was not seeing any significant development so thought will post after a while and after the ugly duckling phase. Adding below few current pictures . Taking the pics myself so perhaps the angles are a bit off so please excuse me. Will post some better pics when i get a helping hand.,
  3. Sure, no problem and getting back to your previous comment from last month. I do think now that i had some shock loss, now that my hair has grown in length a little.
  4. Updates after 2 months . Not much has changed on the recipient area. The donor area is starting to fill up slowly. Do not feel any pain on the donor area anymore. Hope the small patches i can see at the back of my head will go away with time and i can wear my hair short. Continuing with Finax 1mg and multi vitamins.
  5. No as far as i can tell from what i see at present but yes i guess i lost all the transplanted ones already.
  6. My apologies, was heavily caught up in the whole crazy thing happening across the globe...Attaching my 1 month progress...well nothing much to say, hope i will see some good stuff after 8 months or so ...donor area still feels mildly raw on running my hand over it ...recipient area at one place still have this weird painful sensation on running my hand over...where they injected the anesthetic
  7. Pictures after head wash. 7th day. All scabs came off after second wash. Redness is still there and certain places still does feel sore on touching. Not like extremely painful or anything but on pressing lightly can feel the soreness. Also while washing could see 4-5 very small hairs come off. No roots or anything, they were like cut hair , very small maybe size 0. Not sure if they are the implanted ones or existing ones or ones from the haircut that the Eugenix folks did prior to the procedure. Nonetheless i feel the healing has been good so far. Avoiding direct sunlight at the moment. H
  8. Thank you @paddyirishman , you have a major source of information throughout my process of learning about FUE and related topics. Thank you for all your research and sharing them with all of us . Wish you the best results as well
  9. Well i took the pics myself. Was a bit risky but was careful. I am not sure if Dr.Sethi and Dr.Bansal are both generally involved in the same procedure. If they are i guess that would be for Gurgaon or other location but not for Bhubaneswar center. As for the part why Dr.Bansal, no particular reason, i was ok with either Dr.Bansal or Dr.Sethi.
  10. Additionally Nelson was very helpful in co-ordinating with me the whole process and updated me with very bit of of information that i requested. Another noteworthy gesture that Eugenix did was that they didi not charge me for 100 grafts. Initially i was quoted for 2500 grafts and paid for the same but the total number of grafts transplanted were 2600. Hoping for a quick recovery now. Day 0 Pics
  11. I underwent the hair transplant at Eugenix in February 2020 under the supervision of Dr.Arika Bansal at Eugenix , Bhubaneswar. I opted for their Comprehensive Plan and the total grafts count transplanted was 2602 by their DHT procedure. D-Day -1 : Arrived at Bhubaneswar and checked into the hotel booked by Eugenix. Went to the clinic later during the day where Dr. Priyadarshini checked the Blood Pressure and checked for any allergic reaction to the anesthesia. Few medicines were provided to be consumed at night and the next day after breakfast before the procedure. Day 0 : Ar
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