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  1. What a serious waste of money and time. Visited this hair transplant clinic early February 2019. Surgery was performed. I expressed a concern for full density in the front, filling in the hairline and the doctor assured me that this would certainly possible, and would not require any further surgeries. Unfortunately, the doctor lied and the approximate 1500 FUT grafts were placed too far apart to achieve a natural and dense look (unsatisfactory spacing between the grafts). I questioned the technician who aided performing the surgery as the doctor refused to meet with me 7 months later, and the technician informed me that dr uses an approach which can be considered a little out of date, considering todays advances. Would have been great to know that before considering this surgery. I am left with a very unnatural look, even the grafts appear to be elevated at the base, like little bubbles. The owner refuses to offer any type of cash or credit card refund, even if I wait up to 12 months. I wish I had never visited this clinic.