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  1. Thanks for the input ruca. Repair work, and all of his work, looks good. I'm just wondering if I'm f'ed with my scaring in the back as I'm just assuming any donor hair would be used to fill in. I'm assuming that cutting away scar tissue to make the scars smaller would depend on my scalp elasticity.
  2. Thanks again Matt. Spoke to his receptionist and I will be emailing the doc when I get back home this weekend to start the discussion. I'm assuming I'll do a video consult 1st.
  3. Thanks again for participating in this discussion and answering abt my sides.. Since Dr Konior is on my radar now, Texas could be an option.
  4. Thank you for answering Gasthoerer .. I will try to upload some pics over the next few days
  5. Thank you for taking you time to answer my post I did some research and seems highly qualified. How his repair work re: what I mentioned and his scar revision technique?
  6. Thank you for taking your time to answer Do not mind traveling but depends how fat and probably not overseas No med therapy but open to suggestions. Hair was basically all gone a long time ago though my crown/back has lost some more recently after being there for 20 years Yea no clue abt elasticity but a good doctor will answer that as well as FUE. Do they FUE the sides? Kinda salt and pepper right now but why Gray being my friend? Seems the gray in back is making my scars noticeable but could just be me No doctors yet .. just beginning and will be in my futu
  7. In 1989 I was a college freshman with thin hair that was starting to fall out. Graduated in 1993 and had considerable hair loss. By 1994 I was almost done hair-wise, very traumatic for a young man who is just starting his life, I freaked. That winter, watching a late night informercial on HT's, I though I had the answer. After two consultations with the 'Dr.', I fell for the micro/mini graft, very small scar, full head of hair, etc from this Long Island Medical practice. No internet at the time and I didn’t even know plugs were a thing and as been repeated as I have recently read up on numerou
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