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  1. Hey Melvin , doctor diep was my surgeon ! I am just looking for outsiders opinions on my results. What do you think of my donor area ? It’s a bald fade in that picture which is why scars are more visible I need to ask dr diep how many grafts are left for my donor area , on average how many grafts do we usually have ? hey crikey thank you ! I really am thrilled just looking for others opinions. I can’t quite remember , I have a follow up consult in June with him ( if the damn quarantine lifts ) I’ll get that info then !
  2. Hey guys , had 2700 grafts fue done may 2 2019 ... been on finasteride for over a year now. The shot of my forehead is the before photo obviously .. the shot of my donor area is the day of a bald fade mid height hair cut ( I now know not to go that low again lol ) but it’s good for you guys to see fue scars , and how they can differ from one patient to another . Overall what do you guys think ? I think I may go in for more density but I think the hair line is good . Lemme know in the comments I’d love to get some Un biased feed back
    I had my procedure done by dr John diep ! In Los Gatos ca !overall I’ve had a great d patience and this photo is 6 months post op ! From beginning to end , dr diep and his staff are amazing , and really make you comfortable ! Overall 5/5 experience ! Can’t wait for the 1 year mark !