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  1. I am from india . I am sharing my experiences with you all.Basically i started losing hairs at the age of 21.i visited & consulted several clinics in kolkata ( india ). I wasnt satisfied with the consulting doctors.Consultant doctors were either homeopaths or dentists.They were just like businessmen. After few mnths of searching various clinics i was totally depressed because of juggling between my work life & my baldness problem.One day one of my colleague recommended me a hair transplant doctor. He told me to visit & consult with the doctor. I consulted with doctor rohan & the doctor told me about the grade of baldness & i was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia.Since i was having hairloss over occipital area, doctor first told me to stop the hairloss first & then i should go for hair transplant.Most of the clinics that i have visited before told me to go for hair transplant first on the day of consultation. That was the difference between an ethical doctor & businessman.My 3500 grafts transplantation was done in 2 days since i was having severe bleeding on the first day of my procedure.I am sharing my 5 months transformation post transplant.Hope you like it.