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  1. I hate to sound pessimistic and the choice is totally yours but if this was me - I wouldn't get a transplant Without existing hair quality you're looking at a more difficult road. Have you looked at hair systems? They're amazing now
  2. My hairloss like many is extremely slow. I've avoided finasteride for 10 years. Now with my transplant I've bought myself maybe another 10 years for a new treatment to hit the market. Maybe it never will. In which case I could always get a 2nd procedure. The worst case scenario is my hairloss suddenly becoming aggressive (doubt it) in which case I might resort to meds It's an ugly fight I know. There is no easy route
  3. I'm a Demirsoy customer too, month 3 and going well. You're in good hands Happy growing
  4. Again, looks ok to me. You can either - 1) Jump on meds, probably for life, risking the sides 2) Wait it out. Get a transplant at 30. Use toppik in meantime I choose the latter and have no regrets
  5. Do absolutely nothing. Your hair is fine Drugs are a big decision with potential consequences Transplants recover lost ground You don't need either at the moment
  6. Funnily enough David Silva was the reason I got mine. Seeing his results changed my opinion of HT's. For a long time it was a "Wayne Rooney thing"
  7. Thought I'd update this in case it helps anyone My crown now looks much better 3 months later Shock loss can indeed affect "untouched" areas
  8. Lol exactly the same story/doctor/grafts as me. Nearly word for word identical I am already 3 months however, and might comfort you to know it's going great Wish I could try that chicken breast again though!
  9. You need realistic expectations. It's good work in my opinion A touch of Toppik or 2nd procedure and you'll be laughing
  10. They give you a drug to calm you down which feels great. And everything is numbed so you barely feel anything. The position I was sat in I never saw a needle or any blood or equipment. It's a case of lying back, relaxing and let them do their work. I found the whole thing much easier than expected.
  11. Yes If you take a hd photo with flash you will observe many native hairs along side transplanted ones, but they are weak and dying Reviving them would boost density for sure
  12. If the sky is your limit then all the power to you I went with Demirsoy who I see as the "middle ground" Not big £££ but well known and some good reviews Sure, it's a question of "better safe than sorry" and I totally get that Good luck
  13. My transplant is going well however I do wonder about the money I paid 3375 euros (£2,900) ($3,755) for 2,700 grafts Or 1.25 euro per graft. Which I thought was cheap But since then I keep seeing dudes who got a way better deal For example the same kinda money but for 4,000 grafts How much did you pay and are you happy about the cost?