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  1. Thank you! I'm very happy. And good timing just before the outbreak I will give final update at 12 month Stay safe everyone
  2. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/56236-dr-demirsoy-4-months-2742 grafts/
  3. It's not a treatment for hairloss. It just gives you fuller hair
  4. I'm not sure what other countries refer to as talcum powder. In Britain we use it on babies and dry skin etc But if you want your transplant results to look even better. Slather that stuff That's my tip of the day if it helps anyone
  5. Age: 31 Clinic: Dr Demirsoy, Istanbul Grafts: 2742 Price: £2900 The Good- Fine experience, probably the best vacation I ever had. The value for money including hotels, food, airline etc is amazing and that's before surgery. Demirsoy has good doctoral knowledge, I know this because he knew about a rare disorder that I have, which impressed me. His team, including the legendary Muzaffer were also great. The Bad- Shock loss on crown but seems to be recovering. Demirsoy doesn't like low hairlines but in end this turned out ok. Istanbul is an interesting place but watch out for street scammers. I had a run in with a taxi man also who wanted more money. It's nothing personal, just business. Stand your ground. Months 0-4 - Hoping for more density but so far I am pleased
  6. The loss of a few grafts with FUE outweighs the risk of scar with FUT in my opinion FUE all the way
  7. It doesn't look that bad mate. A touch of toppik and you'd see a further difference It's not ideal but without meds that's life
  8. I took 6 months off 😀 But I suffer from chronic health condition so doctors note was easy to obtain
  9. I hate to sound pessimistic and the choice is totally yours but if this was me - I wouldn't get a transplant Without existing hair quality you're looking at a more difficult road. Have you looked at hair systems? They're amazing now
  10. My hairloss like many is extremely slow. I've avoided finasteride for 10 years. Now with my transplant I've bought myself maybe another 10 years for a new treatment to hit the market. Maybe it never will. In which case I could always get a 2nd procedure. The worst case scenario is my hairloss suddenly becoming aggressive (doubt it) in which case I might resort to meds It's an ugly fight I know. There is no easy route