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  1. Thank you very much for your advice. Yes, minoxidil really had an effect, i will resume it. Should I take fin 3 months before the transplant or start taking it after?
  2. Im afraid of the side effects of Propecia. Xpecia is a less effective analogue, as I understood from the articles. I used minoxidil for 2 years. After the first year, he seemed to stop helping
  3. Hello to all. I apologize for bad English. I am 27 years old. I live in Europe. Hair began to fall out from 20 years Used minoxidil for 2 years, but canceled it 4 months ago. Fin did not accept. Ready to spend 15k$ on an operation. There are some questions about the clinic with my money and questions about the donor area. -How many grafts will be needed? I understand 3500 in the front line and 2000+ on the top of the head? -Looked at HLC, Asmed and Pekiner in Turkey? Maybe there is an alternative? Ready to travel if I keep my budget -Are there any suspicions of DUPA? Does my donor area look below average? -Do I need to take fin after transplantation or can I replace Xpecia? -Is it possible to take 1000+ grafts from a beard? thanks for answers
  4. Hello guys They clinic is located in Turkey. Founded by Dr.Özgür, but operated by other surgeons. How is the quality there? Like the results. Considered Asmed for the same price, but there is no transplant from a beard. ty