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  1. I am 6 months in. Basically started to notice good growth around the four month mark until now. i don’t feel I am going to get anymore hairs growing. One side is really strong but the other doesn’t appear to have taken. On average do patients see more regrowth after the 6 month mark?
  2. I think that the surgeon did a really good job with the extractions, there will be minimal scaring. Its just the sides, really noticeable contrast and increased density compared to the native hair. I have seen Joe Rogans results. He had three failed FUT transplants and decided to shave it. His head looks good apart from the happy smile scar in the back of his head. I guess the best advice I would give anyone before getting a hair transplant, is shave your head. Keep it shaved for at least a year before committing to a hair transplant. You might find you like it and will save you a lot of money and stress. What persuaded me was the fact i was on medication for a year prior to the HT, i noticed my hairline was still slowly receding. I saw excellent results ie Lewis Hamilton etc and thought I wanted a more youthful hairline so decided to do it. I will upload some pics shortly after stripping the exif data.
  3. Thank you for your responses. Do any of you know whether there any recommended Drs that can perform Lazer or electrolysis hair removal in the uk? Or would you go to beauty salon? Sorry for the dumb question. Struggling to find professionals that offer this service. Would you recommend having another fue procedure to remove the transplanted hair on the sides?
  4. Hi I was wandering what the best methods are for removing fue transplanted hair? I had a Fue HT 6 months back and i am concerned that the transplanted hair is still darker, wavy and more coarse. It is most noticeable on the sides and I am now concerned that I will continue to receded past the transplanted hair leaving an unnatural look. Not sure I could get away with grade 0. Regards DNA