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  1. Yes I already posted what I look like now in the first post: https://imgur.com/a/7BnXfiB
  2. Thanks Melvin. Can you give me examples of good hair loss concealer products? I'm not too familiar with them. Does it rub off if someone touches your hair? Does it leave residue? Edit: Also, I don't care as much about the crown area, so you do you think it's possible to have quite thick hair at the front and mid-section with thin/bald crown?
  3. Hi Melvin, yes I was referring to your story in my previous post. So the idea for me is that I don't want to use concealers or any kind of product to create the "illusion" of full hair. I don't mind having less than "thick" hair as long as it doesn't look like crap. For example in your video, your hair looks amazing, is this achievable for me without using any concealers? Is 4000 grafts enough to achieve this? Appreciate any feedback.
  4. Thanks for your honesty. I wish there was a way to actually see what my hair will look like post operation since all these terms are so subjective. Is there any chance to get normal looking hair? As in full coverage and similar but slightly less dense than the above pictures? This thread's last response leads to a youtube video which shows great results for a NW6:
  5. Hello, I am 37 and thinking of getting a FUE transplant from Turkey. Did quite a bit of research. You can see my current hair here: https://imgur.com/a/7BnXfiB So I've contacted almost all the reputable doctors. Some questions: - Cinik has two options: First one he just supervises and all work is done by technicians, including the incisions. Second option, he does the incisions. Problem is the timing doesn't work for me for the second option. Is it bad idea to go with the first option? They suggested 3500 - 4000 grafts, 90% coverage and said the back/crown will be thin. - Tayfun is saying I need to do two operations. Second after waiting for 1 year for donor area to heal. Very expensive. First session is 3800 graphs and he said crown will be untouched until second operation with 1500 grafts. - Erdogan didn't even want to give me a consultation because they want my hair to be 3cm long... I never grow my hair that long, it will look horrible. - Vera Clinic, are they even good? They suggested 4300 grafts and said it is 70% coverage. - Civas: Didn't get back to me yet. - Yaman: Suggested 4500 grafts, healthy looking density in all areas, but density on crown will be less dense. Heard bad things lately about this doctor. - Mehmet Demircioglu, is he even a real doctor? His evaluation stated he is a member of ishrs but his name wasn't on the site and I contacted them to confirm if he is a member, they said no and confirmed this his ishrs certificate is fake. They sent me a word file with their evaluation, 4500 grafts and 1000 from beard, total 5500. Should I avoid? So what do you guys think? I'm torn and worried that the operation won't even meet my expectations. Here are photos of what my hair looks like now: https://imgur.com/a/7BnXfiB Will FUE hair transplant even make my hair look good and dense or is it pointless? Can you guys give me your honest opinion, at this point is there any chance of getting "thick" looking hair? Attached photo shows what I looked like a couple of years ago.