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  1. You just need to wait it out and see, i would say your donor area looks better than mine did at 3weeks
  2. Just thought I would post another update Donor area still looks good, even under fairly harsh lighting and quite a short cut. Now at 4.5months my hairline has started growing really well
  3. I bought a topical finasteride, Im not sure how effective or reliable the dose would be doing this
  4. Im very happy now vs how I felt a few weeks after surgery Ive noticed lots of pimples the last couple of weeks in my donor area, which could be due to some of the hairs coming back in. But it seems to be thickening up. The other positive is that I am having a lot of growth in my hairline (recepient area) already and its growing in exactly the same direction as my native hair. I will endeavour to keep this thread updated, and eventually do a full review on the clinic too once my results are in.
  5. 3 month update after my first haircut under my bright kitchen lights!
  6. Here's an update at just past 2 months post surgery. This is under some fairly harsh lighting. The area has continued to improve. I will try and keep this thread updated as it may help out others in the future to see how a donor area can recover.
  7. So can I, but I did have some shedding. I will update again in a few months, I suspect it will recover further by then.
  8. I just though I'd post an update at 6 weeks post surgery I have seen big improvements in the donor area and I'm fairly confident now that I will have a good final result.
  9. Thanks I did shed some from the donor area and had some transected hairs too it seems. I didn't react well to the anaesthetic and I also had lots of bleeding and swelling. I spoke with the Dr at some length about it and he assured me the end result would be good. They used a 0.9mm punch but I was a somewhat challenging case because I had good blood flow, so I bled more than usual in the donor and the graft sites. Tbh it's already looking better so I am optimistic.
  10. Interestingly I have started to see some very short hairs breaking through the scalp so I think your assessment is probably the most accurate
  11. At a clinic in Istanbul But I will wait for the results before I say where
  12. Thanks for the response I have spoken to the Dr at the clinic and he said what I am seeing now is no cause for alarm. He assured me that in a couple of months the donor area will fill in and look fine I will wait it out and post an update
  13. I had a lot of swelling by this point and it's not a great image.