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  1. Update: 10.5 months out and the maturity of the hair is real. I never knew my hair was this curly, but my hair texture changed about 6 years ago after I had chemotherapy and it had all fallen out due to the drugs. It never grew back the same in terms of caliber and texture (used to be really straight), but the curls are awesome in particular for giving the look of thickness/volume. I'd say from the transplant standpoint months 9-10 have been huge maturity months for me. Maybe there is still a bit more to come, but I can't say enough about the renewed confidence you have when you get your hair back. Dr. Wong is a true legend. It wasn't that Rahal quoted me double the price, it's that Rahal was going to move only half the hair and bundled in a bunch of things I absolutely did not need (2500 FUE with PRP, SMP for 19K). I did not need either of those, what I needed was real hair and a mega session with Dr. Wong which cost me about 19K for 5300 grafts This isn't to say Dr. Rahal doesn't do outstanding work. I know he does incredible work. It just was not the right solution for me, and the major red flags were that when I was 25 he told me I was not a HT candidate, but then at 32 his patient advisor had told me I was even thought I had waaay less hair. I'm thankful for that consultation because it led me elsewhere. I think maybe less advanced hair loss patients are right in Dr. Rahal's wheelhouse - but that's me guessing. I'll post more pics of the sides and all that later but this post crossed my mind and wanted to give an update. Cheers fellas.
  2. I think it is a little bit unethical when complex transplant patients are receiving advice from his relatively inexperienced reps and not from Dr. Rahal himself. If you are a repair, or in need or a fairly large transplant(s) to achieve your desired result, Dr. Rahal should be reviewing your profile on an in-person basis and not trusting his reps who a lot of the time have very little transplant experience to make the decision. It's such a big decision for an individual to make I found it almost insulting that it wasn't the surgeon that was providing life-altering recommendations, but the patient advisor. From experience, I truly believe he has gotten 'too big to care' about the long term impact on some of his patients. It's sad. Go see H&W and get it done right.
  3. Dr. Wong is incredible. You should, at the minimum, do a virtual consult with him. He saved me from making a BIG mistake by explaining to me, in his professional opinion, why the plan proposed by Rahal was not good for me long-term. Dr. Wong also provided me with much better value and a great (so far 7 months) result. His service afterwards is outstanding as well. Very easy to get a hold of - gives you his personal number to text him with questions etc.
  4. I wasn't going to post anything, but given that this forum reaches so many people that are ultimately making a life changing decision - perhaps some context as to why who you choose matters might be useful. I'm in my early thirties. About 7 years ago I had a consultation with Dr. Rahal in Ottawa (with him in person) - at which time I had A LOT more hair and he had indicated I was not a good candidate for HT surgery and I was sent off. I was pretty devastated, and over the years the progressive loss became worse to the point where I decided to try his clinic again to see if technology had changed or they may have a different perspective. I met with one of his patient advisors and all of a sudden I was now a candidate. With MUCH less hair as I was now a NW5A with barely anything left on top (see pics below), they had recommended an FUE procedure with SMP and PRP and hopefully 2500-3000 grafts to be distributed throughout my frontal area and mid scalp (somehow). I found it extremely confusing that now, all of a sudden, I was a candidate - but 7 years ago I wasn't. I decided to take my search online and found Dr. Jerry Wong in Vancouver whose clinic is re-known for mega-sessions and great results. My FaceTime consultation with Dr. Wong sold me on him. He explained why the recommendation by Rahal's clinic was not a good idea in the long term - going through the difference between the FUT and FUE procedure in terms of yields, and the possibility of doing subsequent procedures with FUT and how FUE can destroy donor area for follow up procedures, the risks with SMP essentially turning your head into a big tattoo over time etc. etc. Needless to say, I couldn't have made a better decision avoiding Rahal and seeing Dr. Wong. I know Rahal does amazing work , but it seems like he only wants to do FUE, and to be honest this is not a good idea for an advanced hair loss patient before exhausting your FUT options. PRICE: I was quoted the same at Dr. Rahal for 2500 grafts, with SMP and PRP as I paid for 5300 Grafts with Dr. Wong WITH the possibility of doing a follow up procedure as my donor area won't be tarnished like it would be had I done FUE first. About $20,000, but I received more than double the amount of actual hair moved. See below my before surgery, after surgery and my 6 month post-op photos. I took them after waking up so the hair is all over the place. Months 4 and 5 have been really good in terms of maturity and growth. 5300 grafts. I would say the frontal zone took about 3500, crown 1000 and mid scalp maybe 800? (I am aware that I will need another procedure to fill crown and mid scalp) So far it's going well! Very happy with Dr. Wong and his teams work - and the after service. I'm convinced the reason he can do mega-sessions and other clinics can't is because he's gotta have something like 6-8 techs working with him to extract and assist with placing the grafts. He does every single incision on his own. Guy is a legend, and does things RIGHT!
  5. I'm sure some of the loyal posters/followers are sick of reading the answer to this question - but I'm just shy of 5.5 months out of my Transplant with Dr. Jerry Wong in Vancouver, and am curious as to what % of maturity, and sprouting - on average - does one expect by the 6 month mark? Would it be assumed that most of the grafts in the Frontal Zone have sprouted as the crown typically takes longer to grow? Are we at 50% maturity by the 6 month mark? Thanks for your time and commitment to this forum. Cheers.
  6. @Melvin-Moderator can you have a look at your inbox messages when you have a minute? Sent you a question a few days ago, but imagine your inbox is inundated with messages. Thanks!