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  1. the good news - they didn't use too many grafts, so you still (probobly) have a lot more in the back to work with in the future , so no actual damage is done and everything is fixable with another procedure ( we didn't see your donor area so I can only assume) But yeah it's strange they didn't place any grafts in the middle since it's obvious the hair there is very thin. not sure why.
  2. I actually would prefer the "bald" look much better than the "balding" look, with the bald look you are taking things into your own hands and got a fu*k it attiudute , while with the balding look you seems to be trying to hang out to scarps. that's actually my biggest concern regarding getting a hair transplant - looking like i am balding. I do not want that.
  3. good points, but I got to ask, what am I risking in your opinion? My thinking is that worst case scenario I get SMP done on my scars which is not a huge deal as it seems and I get back to what I am doing now (plus the added density i will get to give the SMP on the temple area more "real look" when shaved) or am I looking at it all wrong? when you say there is no going back afterwards what you mean?
  4. I been shaving my head in the last 3 years or so, I got SMP done and I look good with it and overall happy with it. but.. I do miss having hair, being stuck on one hair style and having to shave it short every 3 days becomes boring after all this years. So that option is always there for me to come back to if i am not happy with my HT
  5. Thanks Melvin, your posts always makes me think. My current thinking is , what i got to lose going ahead with the procedure? (besides money and time which is not a huge deal for me) If i won't like the HT hair life, i can always shave it , go back to what i am doing now ( and get SMP done on any visible FUE scars I have in the back of my head) and just forget I ever done it.. is that a valid way of thinking you reckon?
  6. Yes I hope we can get some more replies here from people who had HT. if you can only get an illusion of hair that you always have to check in to make sure it looks full and real then i would probobly prefer just to shave it off over being stressed about it all the time.
  7. I been losing my hair since I am 24 , I am now 37, my hair loss came to a stop in the last few years and it's pretty much in the same situation since I was 32 or so. My main area of loss are the temples which are almost completely bald and have only very few hairs on them and I am thinning in the all frontal area, wondering if I can expect a good result with a FUE hair transplant? would it be possible for me to achieve enough density without using toppik etc or working too hard to style my hair every time I leave the house? (I had started to take fin to stop any further hair loss) please see attached photos, it's important to know I had SMP done, mostly on my temples, so it gives an illusion of hair there but there almost none would love any advice, thanks in advance!
  8. I got my mind set up on getting a HT in the near future, my hair loss kind of stabilized more or less, I am 37, and lost hair mostly on my temples and thinning in the frontal areas , norwood 3 i would say. can I expect a better result if I would be on fin for a period of 5-6 months as opposed to doing it tomorrow ? would being on fin for a good number of months will help prevent shock loss and overall give me a better result? Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you Melvin. I was pretty delusional about the all thing and your post was quite an awakening for me, really appreciate that.
  10. thanks for the input. very interesting. this is the exact thing I am worried about.
  11. interesting take. I also wonder if good HT will be something that you always need to took after so it will look good? I started thinking about it after reading this post
  12. A little about me, I was slowly balding for a few years till a few years ago I decided to shave down my hair, added a bit of SMP on the temple area to give it a fuller look and I was good with that look. Recently I am debating with myself to get a FUE as I do sometime miss having hair. One thing that concern me is one of the biggest pluses of shaving my hair was that I was no longer constantly obsessed with it, always having to style in certain ways so it will look good, using concealers, worrying how it looks under different lighting, can't get it wet in the rain, worrying f the wind moves it, etc etc, you get the point. so the last thing I want is having that anxiety creeping back into my life after i will get HT done. my question to the guys who had HT done, how bother/obsessed are you with your hair now? do you just go about your life or do you constantly checking to see if it looks good, worrying to get it wet, or people touching your hair and messing it up, trying not to go under certain lighting, avoiding the wind, etc etc. Thanks in advance for any input!